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For everyone out there who loves the flavor and feeling that cannabis gives them, it is a golden time to be alive. It is not always easy to choose which dab rigs are best, and that is a problem. As technology improves, there are more choices out there—and most of them are expensive. In this article, you will be detailed more about a quality dab rig. 

Dabbing involves the use of concentrate such as wax or shatter and requires a unique piece of equipment. Dab rigs are specific types of water pipes used for smoking extracts, oils, or concentrates. A rig consists of a dome and a ‘nail.’ 

Choosing the right rig 

Glass rig 

A basic glass dab rig without any bells or whistles is quintessential for every dabber to have in their collection. Glass performs wonderfully and looks great. The only drawback is, no matter how careful you are, your glass rig will always be in danger of being broken. 

Silicon rig 

It offers a more durable solution than glass rigs.  


Recyclers are famous for their anesthetics, water cooling, and throat friendly pulls. They have multiple chambers where water is recycled through to create continuous filtration. 


They work just like recyclers, but they do not have exterior chambers. Water bubbles up the main section, into an interior unit, before funneling back down to the main chamber. 

Mini rigs 

Perfect for traveling due to their discrete nature. Many people prefer these smaller rigs because they preserve the terpene flavors better than their larger counterparts. 


It is gaining its popularity because it is a convenient tool that is ultra-compact and easy to use. Functioning much like a vape pen, e-rigs make it easy for beginners to get started with dabbing. The only pause for consideration is that e-rigs can be pricey and hard to fix if something breaks. 

Dab straws 

 Dab straw is a great compact way to dab and perfect for traveling. There is no water involved in dab straws, meaning that you will not the same cooling effect as traditional dab rigs 

Dab nails 

Nail is the most crucial part of the device. It handles vaporizing the product. The type of material used can affect the dab smoking experience, the overall quality of the device, how quickly the dab nail heats up, and how long it can retain heat. They can be made from quartz, ceramic, glass, or titanium. Below we will talk more about dab nail materials. 

  • Glass nails: they are among the least expensive types of nails. 
  • Ceramic nail: they are inexpensive and good heat retainers. 
  • Quartz nails: they are durable, and they do not tend to get overly hot. This reduces the risk of burning your product. 
  • Titanium nails: titanium is super strong, durable, and it is noticeably light in weight. It also heats up quickly and keeps heat for a longer period than glass. It is popularly used among most experienced dab smokers. 
  • Electronic nails: some nails are designed to accommodate electronic nails (e-nails). It does not require heating up with a torchlight but instead requires regular electricity. They are convenient since they heat up quickly. One has total temperature control over the device, and you can customize the type of dab you are consuming. 

Nails, too, can be domed or domeless. Let us chip in and see what they consist of. 

  • Domed nails: they have an aesthetic look. Domed nails hold in more vapor. They are small, so they heat up faster. They are also safer than domeless nails. 
  • Domeless nails are easier to use than domed nails. 

In addition to that, nails can be male or female. A male nail is inserted inside the intake tube. A female is applied to the outside of the intake. Some claim they are different, while others claim they are the same experience-wise, but it all depends on personal preference. 

Other components of a dab rig 


Some dab rigs come with a dabber; a pen-like device for dabbing the product onto the device. They can be bought separately, but some prefer to dab the product directly from the bottle or wax into the nail. 


The torch is also essential to dabbing, but it may or may not be sold along with the actual device since this is a separate piece. 

 What you should look for in a dab rig 


Smaller rigs give more flavor, while larger rigs are known for their bigger hit. Mouthpiece size has a pronounced effect on your taste of flavor. A smaller mouthpiece will allow you to taste the vapor better compared to larger mouthpieces.  


 It would help if you had a rig with water filtration. Water cools down the smoke to avoid burning your lungs, thus providing a safe smoking experience. 


Percolation is vital for smoother hits. A rig with two or more percolators suits best in providing smoother hits. 

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