10 Amazing Tips for Successfully Selling Your Car Online

If your plan is to sell your car and you don’t know how to sell your in best price then don’t worry in this article we mentioned different 10 tips that sellers must follow to achieve their goal. It doesn’t matter from which country you are selling these 10 tips are very helpful like if you are selling car in Dubai, in London or in Australia don’t worry and follow all the given tips that are given below.

1. Collect the information of your car do not leave it last!

Put together the three most important documents: the title, the service records and the original purchase documentation. They are essential to know what options distinguish your car because, the more you have, the more the resale value will increase. Then, collect as many maintenance receipts as you can find. “If you have changed the oil following the manufacturer’s recommendations, it is a good indicator for a buyer that you have taken care of your car.

2. Know the true condition of your car.

We tend to believe that our cars are “as new” and overestimate their value by setting a price too high, making it more difficult to sell it. Know your real condition and consider going to your mechanic for a pre-sale evaluation and inspection to identify problems with the engine or anything that was overlooked.

3. Exchange it or sell it?

Once you know the true condition of your car, decide if you will sell it yourself or deliver it as a partial payment to buy a new vehicle. By selling it yourself, you can negotiate with buyers, often get more (around 15% to 25% more) and you will not incur dealer costs. On the other hand, exchanging it is a quick, convenient process, there are no resale costs and you pay less taxes on your new vehicle.

4. Increase the resale value.

However small they are, repairs increase the value. Depending on the type of problem you have, it can be valuable to fix it. Some examples:
1. The lights are usually cheap to replace.
2. The price of repairing cracks in windshields is generally less than the amount that buyers mentally discount the price if you leave the damage.
3. If you are selling a luxury vehicle, it is worth changing the brakes.
4. Paying $ 30 to $ 40 for each new tire will prevent the buyer from expecting a $ 300 to $ 700 discount for the worn ones.
5. Fixing several dents, bumps and scrapes sometimes is just a matter of paying $ 100. If you have more extensive damage, you may want to consider exchanging it for another car.

5. Set the sale price.

When you are ready to sell your car to get an idea of ​​the price you should set. The calculator includes the current prices, the evolution of the sector and the average price in your region, among other factors. Take into account that you can ask for more for your car if it is still under warranty and it is transferable, you have given it regular maintenance or you have bought tires or brakes.

6. Create an add on the Internet.

You can advertise your car on websites like if you are living in UAE then publish your add that sell car UAE. Your add should include a brief description that highlights features such as performance, the reason why you are selling it, an honest description of the condition of the vehicle, the VIN identification number, your sale price and the negotiation terms. Also the acceptable forms of payment (protect yourself against fraud and do not accept personal checks or foreign money), and many pictures of various exterior, interior and motor angles.

7. Meet the interested buyers.

If it sounds like an intimidating step, start by interviewing them on the Internet and then call those who truly can be promising candidates. Make yourself available to email the details of the announcement and answer any questions that may arise.

8. Take advantage of the test drive.

Choose a public place that is safe, ask to see or take a picture of the driver’s license of the interested buyer and always accompany the driver. During the test, explain the special characteristics of your car, the maintenance records and the most recent updates. Be kind, efficient and honest.

9. Negotiate the best price.

At the end of the driving test, remind the buyer of the price you request and if it is negotiable. Allows the buyer to accept or propose a counter offer. If the buyer offers an amount below what you want to accept, be prepared to continue looking for a better buyer. But if you make a reasonable offer, you must be willing to say yes.

10. Ends the sale deal.

Once you have agreed on a price, the smartest next step is to accompany the buyer to your bank for a cashier’s check issued by the bank, which will protect you against fraud.

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