10 Common Manly Habits that Literally Stink

Men can be pretty stinky to have around the house. Sometimes you have to wonder if
they don’t have a sense of smell or if they just don’t care about the odors they cause.
It’s a constant battle cleaning up after these guys to keep your home from smelling like
a garbage dump. In case you haven’t noticed this yourself, here are result of
Loveawake dating site recent study results. The aim of this study, that has been done
among female members, was to determine the common manly habits that literally stink.
So check out the top 10 bad habits that drive women wild.
1. Flatulence – Men have a habit of constantly passing gas. It doesn’t seem to
matter what they eat or the time of day or night, they never pass up a chance to
let one rip. They don’t think it’s disgusting, but merely amusing to make such a
2. Bad breath – Another bad habit men have is eating or drinking disgusting things
that give them really bad breath. They’ll sit around drinking beer and eating gross
things like anchovies or sardines that make their breath reek. Then they let out a
big belch that only makes matters worse. Give that guy a breath mint!
3. Dirty clothes – Men don’t seem to have any compunction about leaving dirty,
smelly clothes strewn around the house. Wherever they take it off is where it’s
left to lay there stinking up the place.
4. Shoes – Worse than the clothes is the odiferous shoes left wherever they were
kicked off their feet. Men’s shoes should be removed and left in the back porch to
prevent them from assaulting everyone else’s sensibilities.
5. Uncovered food – Another habit reserved to men is leaving food uncovered in
the refrigerator or, worse yet, on the kitchen counter. They’ll have a snack and

the leftover onion dip just gets chucked back in the fridge to greet the next
person to open the door with a nasty smell.
6. Don’t flush – Men also have a disgusting habit of peeing in the toilet and not
flushing it afterward. It amazes me that they don’t realize how bad their pee
stinks, but they somehow seem oblivious.
7. Track in crud – There seems to be no limit to the nasty crud men will track into
the house on their shoes or boots. Heaven knows where those feet have been,
but judging from the smell, it wasn’t someplace pleasant.
8. Forget the garbage – The one chore you count on men to do is taking out the
garbage, but they have a habit of letting you down. They’ll forget to take out the
garbage and it’s left to stink up the place for another week.
9. Drink beer – Men and beer go together like pigs and mud. They love to sit
around drinking beer and making a smelly mess. Nothing compares to the aroma
of spilt beer and empty beer cans.
10. Sweat – This list would not be complete without mentioning men’s stinky habit of
sweating all the time. It doesn’t appear to take any effort at all for them to work
up a good sweat, so it’s even worse when they actually try. Who doesn’t
recognize that manly smell of dirt and sweat?
Men can be so stinky we sometimes wonder if they shouldn’t be kept in a shed out
back. We could occasionally clean them up and present them to polite society, but limit
their access to the house where they just don’t seem to know how to behave. I
exaggerate, of course, but you catch my drift. Men can be useful to have around, but
their manly habits can be a challenge to those with a sensitive nose.

Umer Malik

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