10 Reasons to Download the WHOIS Database Today

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With the world of technology advancing each day, keeping your business afloat requires the need to embrace the need for using technology. During the information era, most businesses that had made it big during the brick and mortar periods found it unnecessary to adopt the internet. This led to the crash of major corporations. Over time people have come to embrace change, and one talking point for any business is the Whois database. Below are ten reasons why you need to download Whois database.


Any business enthusiast needs to embrace the Whois technology. The idea that your potential clients can find critical information such as location and contacts in one database is always a plus in the business world.

Unique domains

As technology advances, so does different scams. Imagine sharing the same domain as another company. This will compromise your clients, and most people might not discern which website belongs to you and which doesn’t, hence the sole idea why you need to use this database.

Solution to Domain registration issues

It is not rocket science that registering a domain is easy, but in some instances, issues may arise, and it can take centuries to have them resolved. The database helps you figure out when the domain was created and when it should expire.

Administrative issues

The database includes a domain’s technical information; this ensures that administrators get critical information when the website runs into some issues. These issues may relate to network attacks; hence it is prudent to have them solved promptly.

Privacy and security issues

The most significant advantage of having Whois is that you get state of the art security measures. To prevent network attacks, Whois can shortlist several identities that may pose a threat to your security.

As a professional, you have more control over your information

 Unlike regular hosting companies, by using Whois, you can post different contact details from your personal information and still your clients will reach you.

Marketing analysis

Registrars use cookies to enhance domain transfers. In the process they get to keep track of your history, hence allowing market researchers to use this knowledge to assist their market strategies.

Brand agents

By using Whois, you can check for companies that have infringed on your trademark. Users can achieve this by searching for scope domains, “copycats” and name duplicates.

Identifying scammers and illegal activities

Whois benefits the law enforcement agencies more than any other individuals because they can keep track of businesses that run fraudulent or illegal activities. They use Whois database download to identify criminals by checking all websites that are connected and their specific IP addresses.

Identify spam websites

 To keep track of spams, security agencies use Whois to collect intelligence on websites that advertise their content through spamming other sites.

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