4 Common Standup Paddle Boards Myths

You probably know just how much stand up paddle board riding has become popular. But you probably also know that in certain circles, the sport gets a bed rep. On social media, people who’ve never set a foot on a paddle board regularly share articles about the dangers of paddle boarding.

In order to clear up any misconceptions you might have about regular or inflatable SUP boarding, we are here to look some of the most common myths that surround the sport and that can be seen almost every day in forum threads and in social media posts.

1st Myth: Inflatable paddle boardsare only for beginners

An inflatable paddle board is great for a beginner – it is more stable than a hard one – plus, they usually cost less (more on this subject later in the article). However, it doesn’t mean that this type of board is only meant for a new board user. As a matter of fact, these boards are pretty good for advanced and intermediate paddlers. If you want to have more peaceful rides, then you should definitely go with a inflatable model, since it will allow you to safely float while you’re out on the water…

2nd Myth: Inflatable boards are not safe and durable

This myth goes hand in hand with the previous one – most people think that since these boards are meant for beginners, they are not made out of quality materials and that they won’t last you. Some people even think that since they are not top-notch quality, they are not completely safe in the long run. But that isn’t the truth. These boards can take a serious beating and stay intact. Heck, you can even drop one from a roof of a building and it will probably still stay intact (not that we recommend you try this out, remember kids, safety first!)

3rd Myth: Inflatables are not performance-based

Since most people use inflatable boards to chill out and have tranquil paddling session, people think that they aren’t made for high-performance situations. And while it is true that hard boards have more capabilities, the difference in speed is marginal. As a matter of fact, a recent study revealed that there’s no more than 5% difference in speed between hard and inflatable boards. Moreover, you can even go surfing on an inflatable board if you have enough experience and command of your board. When it’s all said and done, a high-quality can do pretty much anything a hard board can do – and even more.

4th Myth: Inflatable boards are just too expensive

The last myth we have on the list is just plain wrong. As a matter of fact, an inflatable stand up paddle board will probably cost you less than a fiberglass one. Of course, there are some high-performance boards that are more expensive than fiberglass ones, however, those are few and far between and if you’re new to this, an inflatable board is a better option for a reason.

Final Thoughts

If you’re interested in buying a standup paddle of your own, we recommend you visit the Supboard-99 website and take a look at some of their models. They have a wide range of boards and we are sure that you will be able to find one for your personal needs.

Paddle boards are only getting more modern and futuristic in their design, so it makes sense that they are becoming faster and safer. If you ever had any worries about paddling, we hope that this article managed to explain most rumors are nothing more than myths.

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