4 Most Stunning Architecture Buildings to see in Guelph

“Aren’t you a charming old fellow sitting under the shade of the bookstore?” the old man said to the boy sitting there confused.

What are you talking about? I’m 21!” the boy replied and got back to his work i.e. staring at the buildings in awe with a sketchpad in his hands.

The old man stared back and forth, shrugged and moved on. What the boy was looking was at the noteworthy architectural example right in front of him was the Riverside Park Antique Carousel.

Pride Shapes Guelph with best Architectural Examples

Guelph like another city in Ontario is stunningly beautiful, with its urban lifestyle influencing modern-day architecture with old medieval style. Founded in 1827, this side of the town boasts well-preserved buildings among the historical-cultural sites.

I would say the boy had fallen in love with the buildings. Why?

Why not rock and roll on Guelph airport limo to find out the answer to this question?

Fasten your seatbelts, everyone! Let’s take a closer look at most prime examples that sure will catch your eye and then we can learn more;

1. Beautiful Church of Our Lady

Established back in 1827, it became the central symbol of religion as well as a true historical landmark. The construction began a long while ago in 1877 and took 12 years to complete it! It does remind of how Michelangelo one of the famous artists at the age of Renaissance painted the chapel ceiling and almost took him more than 4 years to complete it.

Church has been renovated since and has become a tourist attraction due to its Gothic Revival style and yes it is the handiwork of the talented architect Joseph Connolly.

2. The famous Janefield

It’s not a surprise like its sister cities, Guelph also is a proud mother to some of the historically claimed households as well. Similarly to McCrae House, another residential home you need to remember is the Janefield House.

If you are not familiar with it already, it’s the birthplace of the famous author of In Flanders Fields! Yes, the one and only John McCrae. Turns out the family had historical roots settled all over. This two-story state home actually belongs to the author’s paternal grandparents. That explains the worth and people do love the novel too! Now the property is owned y National Historic Site and look after by Guelph Museum.

3. Limestone example of Bell O’Donnell House

As you can take a hint, this house situated on the Water Street out of limestone building was initially designed by the architect Matthew Bell, in 1858. The reason why we are including this house in our list of historical buildings is the essence it gave to the city and the architectural value it brings to the community of Guelph. People on come and go to airport limos visiting the city with real excitement. And why shouldn’t they? Lots of carved appear on the outside of the building.

This is one of a kind example of how different a building architecture can be. Now, do you understand the boy’s fascination? We sure do.

4. It’s a Riverside Park Antique Carousel

Not what you were thinking? It’s a good surprise because this carousel was designed by Allan Herschell, and dates back to 1919. The mural covering the artistic view of horses and observers looking at them, waiting for their turn, is a timeless captured moment.

I believe that is what the boy was looking at. How every color perfectly blended and still meets the eye of the spectator with its fantastic strokes. Allan did a great job without a speck of doubt and to this day people come here and have a good time. Especially on Victoria Day long weekend, the place is filled with people.

This is not the end of the historical relishing moment. Instead, it’s just a way to start your Guelph tour making new memories.

Let’s just see it from the eye of the traveller

Hmmm…yup…these architectures sure have a certain reflective vibe that catches the eye. Where would Guelph be without these landmarks? I’d say nowhere. So when you visit the locations do remember to live in the moment and take a picture!

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