5 Different Ways To Practice Self Care

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Self-care is a term that is gy as people are increasingly understanding the importance of prioritising time for yourself to do things you enjoy and to take care of your mental health. This is a fantastic way to relieve the stresses of everyday life and to become a happier and healthier person all round. Here are a few simple ways to practice self care.



To set yourself up for the rest of the day, having a morning routine containing things you enjoy is essential. Start by setting your alarm to make sure that you have had at least 8 hours sleep, whilst also giving yourself enough time to have a stress-free morning before your day begins.

When you wake up, you might want to meditate for 15 minutes to give yourself a clear mindset for the rest of the day. If you struggle with mornings, perhaps go for a quick walk each day to get some fresh air to wake you up. For some people, a morning workout is the best way to start the day. No matter what it is, choosing a small activity to help you wake up and clear your mind each morning will be great for your wellbeing

Next, always make time for a nutritious breakfast. Having a balanced breakfast like a big bowl of oats topped with your favourite fruits and nuts, a cup of green tea or a matcha latte and a multivitamin tablet will give your body all the nutrients it needs as well as a much needed source of slow-releasing energy to keep you feeling fresh all day.

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Everyone has commitments in their daily life. Perhaps its work, parenting or other caring responsibilities that take up the majority of your day. Yet, it is very important to make time in your life for things that you enjoy.

Rather than watching TV every evening, you could buy some art supplies to finally give a project a go that you have been wanting to do for ages. At the start of the week, you could book some of your favourite gym classes to fit around your schedule. You could arrange childcare every other Saturday morning to go for brunch with one of your friends. Whatever your passion may be, actively making time for it in your life is important.


One night a week, make it a routine thing to pamper yourself. Cook something you really love for dinner, have a nice long bath, do a facemask and start that book you have been meaning to get around to. Don’t forget to put on a calm playlist, too!

Taking a whole evening to unwind (whether it be on your own, with a loved one or when the children go to bed) will give you the opportunity to reconnect with yourself which is always a great thing when it comes to your mental health.


Whilst social media can be an amazing thing, sometimes it is bad for people’s confidence. Seeing images of seemingly perfect people all the time can be difficult when you are feeling low, so taking time away from social media and instead focusing on the things you enjoy will be much better for your self-esteem.

The images you see on social media are likely to be heavily edited and they are probably not accurate representations of what these people’s real lives are like. When you do spend time on social media, reminding yourself that you are not seeing reality is important.


Being healthy is important, but forcing yourself to do exercise that you don’t enjoy will not be good for your mental health. Instead, focus on non-weight related goals and find forms of exercise that you enjoy.

Perhaps you could rent a bike to see if you enjoy cycling or try your local spin class. Rather than enduring an hour long cardio class that you hate, try a 30 minute dance class instead. If you do cardio all the time and want to try something different, start doing a couple of weights sessions a week to see a whole new kind of progress. You will feel much more mentally and physically healthy if you start to focus on the things you enjoy as you will put much more into it!

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