5 Huge Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Plumber

A plumber is your go-to person when there’s a plumbing issue, but did you know that hiring the wrong one can be costly? They may not fix your plumbing problem properly or, worse, will cause more damage to your system. Incorrect plumbing repairs can also harm your health.

To make sure you don’t end up with the wrong plumbing repair company in Lincolnwood, IL and experience plumbing horrors, here are some mistakes that you should steer clear of.

  1. Not getting at least three bids

Some homeowners settle with the first plumbing repair company in Lincolnwood, IL that they find reliable. But by doing this, you’re likely to miss valuable plumbers and the best deals out there. If you want to get the service you want for a price you can afford, find at least three contractors and ask for an estimate from each of them. Compare their rates and do more research about the company that you’ve chosen.

  1. Focusing on the price

Some people settle with a plumber that offers the lowest service fee. It’s understandable to focus on the price when you have budget restrictions. But you know, just like most things in life, you often only get what you pay for. That means cheap service usually equates to cheap quality. If you pay as little money as possible, you’re likely to get poor service later down the road.

However, that doesn’t mean an expensive service will guarantee superb workmanship either. Greedy plumbers also exist. So to get good plumbing, you also need to look into other factors besides the price, such as customer service and quality of work.

3.) Not asking for a business card or not calling to verify that the plumber is certified

When you hire a company for plumbing repair in Lincolnwood, IL, you should research about them before making your decision. One way to do this is to ask for their business card, then call their office and ask what certifications they have and the scope of work on each job.

Don’t take anything at face value; if they say “we’re licensed,” you must confirm exactly which license they hold (if it’s a local license, make sure it’s a hard copy). Many fly-by-night operations claim to be licensed but cannot prove it and end up taking advantage of people who assume they are legit.

Make sure to ask what kind of insurance they carry and how much. If you call a plumber out for a job, make sure it’s the right plumber and ask for more than one reference before calling them back.

  1. Not taking time to read the contract carefully before signing it 

Before you sign a written contract with your local plumbing repair company in Lincolnwood, IL, read every last word of it to make sure that the terms and conditions are acceptable to you. Do not just automatically initial each page thinking that you agree to everything in that contract. If something in the contract isn’t clear, you should always ask for clarification before signing it to avoid misunderstandings later on either side of the relationship.

5) Not calling the plumber after they leave the house

If you don’t know how much your plumbing repair job should cost or what work was performed on your property, then chances are you’ll either get overcharged or (even worse) taken advantage of in some way. If you think something is wrong, contact your chosen plumbing repair contractor in Lincolnwood, IL right away and have everything explained to you before giving them payment. Don’t feel embarrassed about it either – unscrupulous plumbers will take advantage of people who trust everybody they meet.

Remember: convenience isn’t always cheaper when it comes to services like these; if something doesn’t feel right, don’t do business with that company. Doing business with someone because neighbors or family members recommend them is also a mistake; it’s not uncommon for these people to be hired by a dishonest plumber so that they can refer work to that person at a higher rate.

For more plumbing tips or plumbing repair services in Lincolnwood, IL, you can visit Goode Plumbing. You can also contact the team at 773-295-7773 or (773) 930-3451.


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