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5 Tips Respected by Colleagues. The world of work is a world where a group of individuals in carrying out a work activity, both within companies and
The community realizes that human resources are one of the organizations. elements in an organization that has an important role in the survival of the organization so that the progress of an organization depends on the role played by the people who are in it.
No matter how sophisticated the work tools and facilities the company has, but without the function of human labor, the existence of the company will not mean anything.
This is because humans have the ability in the form of energy and thoughts to do something beneficial for the company.

One of the determinants of work success (achieving company goals) is the company has a qualified staff member, where the staff plays an important role in achieving company goals.
Therefore, to achieve job success, there must be a match between work and the staff itself which can be seen from how far the support given by staff to the company.
Companies must really pay attention to Human Resources (HR) because without the presence of human resources, the company cannot run as it should.
With the attention in the field of human resources, it will benefit between the two parties, namely the company will benefit by having productive and proactive personnel in providing added value to the company while staff will get satisfaction because their rights are considered and fulfilled by the company.
For that reason, the Portland Staffing Agency is ready to help companies or organizations and even individuals who need quality talent.

In the world of work who doesn’t want to be a respected staff member by other colleagues? Many positive things you can get if your colleagues are reluctant to you.
The not only authority is maintained but also career advancement and minimal conflict with other colleagues.
Colleagues will not dare to bad-mouth or bend if there is a sense of reticence.
The following tips about want to be a respected figure of other colleagues.

5 Tips Respected by Colleagues

  • Added ValueYou must have more value than other colleagues.
    Of course, these advantages are related to work.
    For example, you are always responsive to new information, so that other colleagues always rely on you.
    Making colleagues dependent on you is one thing that makes you respected by others.
  • Talkless


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The more often you communicate with others.
The closer you are to them, which increases the likelihood that you will have to refrain from reprimanding in connection with a problematic job.
The thing is you will feel uncomfortable and feeling afraid if the colleague is offended.

  • Don’t gossip

    your colleagues laugh or look engrossed in listening to your every word but do not know behind how they respond to you.
    It could be that you are considered a person that can’t be trusted.
    How do people want to be trusted with someone they can’t trust?
  • Minimal ErrorThere is no perfect human being but it is a good idea to do every job as fully and as timely as possible.
    Thus colleagues can see that you are a person who is not only responsible but can also complete the work in accordance with the specified time.

Want to Help

In fact, be a good colleague and want to help other colleagues when you are having difficulties in completing tasks.
Don’t overestimate if you know and can help why it isn’t done.
With you being lighthearted other colleagues can judge your attitude so that by itself your authority is maintained in front of them.

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