5 Ways to Help Your Frustrated Child Manage Their Situation

EVERYONE in this world gets frustrated at one time or another. Typically, for adults, frustrations come up when expectations aren’t met. It’s no different for a frustrated child. Children will have a certain set of expectations from and of the children or adults in their lives.

We can teach our children to learn from their frustration. It can often be a sign that they believe they should be doing better. It’s also a sign that what they’re currently doing isn’t working. If we teach children how to manage their feelings of frustration early on, we can help them recognize the early signs of frustration in order to stop it in its tracks.

Try these techniques to help your frustrated child manage their lives better:

1. Help your child focus on the progress they’ve made. Help them celebrate the progress they’ve made so far. Constant improvement is the surest road to success and acknowledging the progress made can keep them focused on learning how to grow while moving away from any mistakes they may have made.

2. Help your frustrated child stay rooted in the present moment. The present moment is perfect as it is.

3. Write about it. Ask your child to take a deep breath and write about their frustration. Sometimes it is difficult for them to voice what is bothering them and writing about it will help alleviate some of the negative feelings. Read through what they wrote with them and help them start thinking of a way to get past this.

4. Remember the times you’ve been frustrated in the past. Remind your child of a time they felt frustrated in the past. Can they remember? Do they think it is something they should have been frustrated about? Sometimes your frustrated child can recognize how silly that situation was and make a connection to their current feelings.

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