55 Bothered Me!

I have never been a person to be troubled by advancing age. I saw friends agonize over 30, grieve their 40th, but I was never bothered by the onset of age. My hair was going grey at 25, it didn’t bother me. At 40, I first became aware of the fact that I couldn’t do everything I could do at 18. I went to bed a little earlier, I got some aches and pains I never had before and noticed a lot more wrinkles in my face. But, it didn’t bother me.

But 55! For some reason 55 is bothersome. I decided to write down the things that are on my mind, the 10 things (there’s probably more) that are bothering me about being 55.

Ten Things that Bother Me About Turning 55…

10. I am now one of the “old guys” at work.

When I first started working we always shopped for new positions and advancement by looking at the ranks of the near retired. Retirements meant opportunity. We would look at “old guys” (those who were 50+) as short timers, waiting to retire. I know how we viewed those people when I got here… now the “young guys” are looking at me.

9. I am spending more time at the funeral home.

I am happy to report that most of my friends that are in my age group are still around. However, it seems that someone in my circle of friends, or family, passes away at least monthly. A lot of these are former “old guys” from work.

8. The excitement of new challenges is behind me.

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy with the accomplishments I have made in my life. I kind of liked thinking that I may someday completely change my focus, do something different. At 55, I realize that this line of thinking, while not impossible, is highly unlikely.

7. I have a favorite chair.

I have a chair at my house that I really like to sit in… I sit in it more and more often. I sleep in it sometimes.

6. I am becoming my father.

I catch my self more and more often saying things to my kids that my dad said to me. Words of wisdom that comes with age… I used to think they were controlling and uninformed. Now I think they are brilliant insights that must be shared with a new generation.

5. I realize my limitations

I now realize I will never be a rock star, a professional athlete, a movie star, president, or a world renowned sex symbol. OK, I acknowledge most of these were not likely anyway (except maybe “world renowned sex symbol”), but after age 50 they have become impossibilities.

4. It’s time to atone for a wasted youth.

I was not always the most health conscience person in the world. I never ate properly, I probably had a little too much fun through the 70’s and 80’s and I never exercised. I don’t regret any of it, but fear that it is now time in my life to correct those past indiscretions.

3. I have to be a grown-up

This one took me a long time to realize. My maturity levels were always low. I’m not really proud of that, but I am not really ashamed of that either. I was always ready for fun and excitement regardless of how juvenile and irresponsible the activity. Now as my children are entering adulthood. I have to be the grown-up. (see #6 Becoming my Father).

2. My appliances are failing

I remember thinking when I made major appliance purchases when I was first starting out… “These are things you seldom have to replace, I’ll buy them now and I will be an old man by the time they wear out.” I just replaced my washer and dryer for the third time. I have bought 5 dishwashers in my life, 4 refrigerators, and three air conditioning units.

Recently, while the HVAC guy was working on my heat pump outside I heard my refrigerator start making loud noises in the kitchen…

I wonder, can you use your Senior Discount card to get a discount on major appliances?

1. Cute girls call me ‘honey’ and ‘sweetie’ at restaurants.

I used to think when I saw a pretty girl looking at me that they were thinking I was an attractive guy they would like to meet. I now realize they are looking and thinking… “I think I know him, I think he’s a friend of my Grandpa.”

Well that was fun! I think I need to go sit in my favorite chair and rest.

Randy Wade is an auditor, web marketer, husband, father, blogger, web developer, philosopher and general all round good guy.

Follow more articles at his blog [http://www.randysworld.net]

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