6 Mobile Marketing Tips For Your Business!

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According to eMarketer, mobile advertising spending in the United States will increase by 20% to more than $ 70 billion and will account for 75% of digital ad spend. This is an incredible 21.775% growth over a decade ago when US mobile advertising spends was only $ 320 million. This massive and historically fast fund transfer is this money has allowed almost all the innovations brought by Google, Facebook, the bulk of the huge ecosystem of applications on Android and iOS and many other giants of technology.

Do not ignore the pre-purchase search

According to Prosper Insights and Analytics, 89% of consumers say they search their products online before buying them in person. And buyers on vacation are no exception to the rule. Consumers are increasingly exploring applications and websites for retail, shopping … sometimes even supplementing them with “window shopping” to learn more about products and compare prices and specifications.

Segment your users to boost engagement

Your mobile marketing campaign should be different from competitor vs. To stand out, you need to understand the interests and values of your target audience. Having the tools to know the behavior and interests of your consumer is no longer an option for a long time.

Brian Schmidt, CRM Director, Growth & Retention at Fender, explains the importance of segmentation in the countryside. Fender sells a wide range of products around music, high-end instruments … The decision-making process for each type of purchase is very different, Fender creates segments based on the use of applications, the history of purchases, the type of instrument and even the product registration information (due to the number of third-party traders that sell Fender products).

Trial campaigns in advance

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day and Chinese Singles Day (considered the largest online shopping event in the world) are some of the biggest online shopping opportunities of the year. In fact, Cyber Monday buyers are looking for bargains beyond Cyber Week. What was considered a week of online shopping now turns into a whole month of discounts and promotions? Last year, Amazon launched its best sales campaigns 50 days in advance.

It will be important to have your marketing messages and creative assets in place 6 to 8 weeks before your marketing actions. A / B test campaigns to refine your messaging and identify the marketing tactics that resonate with your target audience. Determine which version of an application layout, CTA button, campaign content, messaging, and even emoticons works best with your users.

Generate In-App Purchase

Although integrated purchasing is essential for all businesses, it becomes even more critical as more and more companies in the physical world become mobile. A great way to convince users to make transactions through the app is to save their payment and shipping details. This shortens the buying process and improves the user experience.

Another important channel that marketers can no longer choose to ignore is pushed notifications. 45% of mobile app users chose to receive push notifications, making it one of the most used mobile marketing channels. Push notifications are essential for activating new users, improving engagement and making integrated purchases. With custom notifications triggered by user activity, you can increase CTR by 3x and improve conversion rates. For example, you can immediately follow users who have abandoned their shopping cart and invite them to make a transaction.

Use micro-influencers to engage niche audiences

Once your target audience is identified and segmented, the key is to keep the interest alive. At Fender, he seeks to develop his use of micro-influencers. The brand focuses on utility, the most important being for them their guitar training app. That’s why they’re seeing a spike in app downloads during the holidays, wanting to immediately tune their new guitars and start learning to play.

Influencers are closely related to a niche audience and often have a greater influence than other digital marketing media. An important tip here is to select influencers not only based on their subscribers, but also on their engagement rate. When you identify good influencers, the ideal engagement rate is greater than 1.5% if the number of members exceeds one million. And if you plan to influence with supporters between 10,000 and 20,000, the engagement rate must be higher than 4%.

Here’s how Fender used one of the world’s biggest bassists, Flea of the Red Chilli Hot Peppers.

Identify your best customers to re-engage

Do not give up clueless users. You can recover them with custom campaigns that show the new value that your application can provide. No matter how good your win-back campaigns are, some users simply will not be able to reinstall anything you do. In these cases, reduce your losses to reduce user re-acquisition costs and focus on acquiring new users.

An effective win-back strategy must take into account the value of the customer over the lifetime and the net income you get from the target audience. In simple terms, you can not spend $ 100 to reengage a customer who will only spend $ 5 on your application.

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