6 Reasons Why Dance Is The Best Thing For You Can Do For Your Body


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Many parents put their young children in dance training. We know it is good exercise and it is so darn cute. Past the toddler stage, some children like it so much and show enough promise that their parents equip them with the best dance costumes available and let them continue as long as they want to. Some go on to be great dancers and dance throughout their lives. As the child grows, some will branch out into other forms of expression such as cheer, theater, and gymnastics. But, their roots are well established in dance and it will serve them well.

1. Physical fitness

We all understand that dancing requires physical movement and control and therefore it keeps us in shape. Dancing burns calories, builds muscles, and helps us control our weight. But, there are many benefits to dance that you may not know. In this post, we will share some wonderful side-effects for adding dance to our lives. These benefits are for dancers of all ages and they last a lifetime.

2. Self-Confidence and Bullying

Bullying is sadly, a big problem in our society. We often hear of children and teens who were bullied so much that they chose to end their lives. Bullying has been around as long as there have been kids. Why is bullying so devastating that smart and beautiful children can find no means of escape? Because, they feel alone.Bullies often target children who are isolated. They are not kids with dozens of friends. They stay to themselves and that shines a spotlight on them. Bullying is not just at school in front of a handful of people. It follows them via the internet. They are called names and have vulgar pictures posted with their face. The torture is 24/7.Children who dance are more physically fit. Training for dance brings a certain amount of pain, so they are not concerned with threats. They also move quickly and they are no easy target. They are part of a team. They meet with their team for practice and travel with them for recitals. Their self-confidence is strong and they do not give the bully what they want which is a feeling of superiority.

3. Mental Escape

Dancers of all ages long for a time when they can step away from their world. For just a while, they want no school, job, family, or friends responsibility. They want to be free. Dance provides that mental escape. They become one with the music. The music seems to infuse their souls. They are lost in the movement of their bodies which seem to defy gravity. For that brief moment in time, they fit in perfectly with the universe. They are fluid and they belong.This brief mental escape reduces anxiety and stress. The body produces more serotonin, which reduces depression. This overall mental boost is a great tool for all-over mental health.

4. Cultural Growth

Dance comes in many forms, from many eras, and from many cultures. In order to properly perform a dance, you must understand what the music and dance are about. Different societies danced in various ways and for various reasons. The dancer opens their mind to their culture, time, and reason. Only then can they perform the dance with the required energy. They must learn the feelings behind the dance in order to express the emotion that brings the dance to life.When you look at dance as a cultural experience, you see it through a different lens. Dance transcends language. Some emotions are connected to subjects that our minds protect us from. The dance may be an expression of the horrors of war, famine, or death. Only in dance are you allowed a safe haven to express a pain that is so deep words cannot explain.

5. Prevents bone loss

Bones and muscles are living tissue. They must be cared for and rejuvenated in order to stay healthy. Dancing builds bone and muscle tissue. Studies show that exercise, including dance, helps build strong bones and reduces the risks of osteoporosis. Dance induces strong bone growth. It improves flexibility and your range of motion. Exercise such as dance combined with a good diet and preventive medical check-up ensures healthy bones as we age

6. Improved Sex Life

Dance keeps our bodies fit. Flexibility and stamina are high and your brain is producing serotonin which makes you feel good. It also increases endorphin production. Endorphins are hormones that the body naturally produces when it is called upon when the body is pushed beyond its normal physical limits. Endorphins naturally kill pain and gives you a sensual feeling of euphoria. When you are fit and you feel strong, it builds your self-esteem. Frankly, dancers lose their shyness quickly. Their bodies are under continual observation. They wear clothing that allows the instructor to see not only their moves but the muscles they are using to perform the move. There are many types of dance. You will find something that appeals to your style. Once you have identified the dance genre of your choice, jump right in. There is never a bad time to begin a new skill and to meet new people. Dance will open up the world to you. And it is more beautiful than you ever imagined.

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