A committee has been formed, which decides whether Budapest is suitable for hosting an Olympics

A committee has been formed, which decides whether Budapest is suitable for hosting an Olympics

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At Wednesday’s presidency meeting of the Hungarian Olympic Committee, it decided to set up an Olympic tender committee called Budapest 2032, in which there are no politicians, only sports-loving businessmen who, after examining many aspects, can hold an Olympics in Hungary.

“The Hungarian Olympic Committee would not be doing its job well if it did not take seriously the issues that preceded the bidding and hosting of the 2032 Olympics and did not take steps to thoroughly examine the matter and its conditions within its organizational framework. In 2021, the time has come for this, as the IOC will decide on the 2032 site in 2025, so the applicant cities must indicate their intention to apply in 2023 at the latest, ”Krisztián Kulcsár, the organisation’s chairman, told Telex.

The purpose of the committee is clarification, clairvoyance. Where is the city now? What does Budapest suit you and what doesn’t if you want an Olympics. How much has it evolved, what facilities have been built in recent times, and what is still lagging behind. Once the shortcomings have been identified, what is needed to move forward so that the idea of ​​an Olympic rally can arise at all. And if that has happened and the results show that there is a reality to the case, then we can talk about how to proceed. The MOB believes that an Olympics is not a political issue but primarily a professional one. After the specific professional position, the financial implications can come.

Hotels, volunteers, airports

In the meantime, however, it remains to be seen whether the country can mobilize an adequate number of volunteers. What is the number of people responsible for security at an Olympics, and can Hungary line up so much? Are there so many bus drivers who can transport athletes and fans?

It needs to be examined whether there are as many hotel rooms in Hungary as needed for a summer Olympics. The quantity prescribed by the IOC is important for the competitors and attendants, but it is equally important to serve the fans coming to the Olympics, which is an important number on the director’s revenue line. At the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics, it could be seen that 46,000 hotel rooms had to be re-booked from one year to the next, and there is currently no such capacity in and around Budapest. You shouldn’t be surprised by this, Tokyo is a city of 14 million, Budapest is two.

In addition, the conditions for Budapest Airport to receive frequent overseas flights that bring athletes and tourists from overseas to an Olympics need to be carefully examined. What a disadvantage is that the airport is still not connected to the city center by rail. (Since 1990, there has been no real attempt to make up for this.)

These issues will be examined by a seven-member committee chaired by Attila Szalay Berzeviczy and other members:

  • Balogh Gabriella
  • Gabriella Heiszler
  • Csaba Lantos
  • Sándor Nyúl
  • Gábor Orbán
  • Pandurics Anett
  • József Váradi.

The MOB is represented on the committee by the Olympic champion Judo Antal Kovács, who is a member of the board and the communications director of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant.

It is also possible that they will eventually find the city unsuitable for a 2032 settlement and will only do so at a later date.

The 2020 Olympics has been postponed to this year due to the coronavirus epidemic, the Japanese are determined to want to settle it, even if ominous signs are gathering, and the city’s residents are far from as enthusiastic as, say, two years ago. The 2024 Olympics were given to Paris, the 2028 to host Los Angeles, both cities will host for the third time. After the retreat of Budapest in 2017, only these two entrants remained for the 2024 Games, and the IOC did not want to announce a loser, so it chose the form-breaking solution of awarding the upcoming Summer Olympics to the two cities at the same time.

IOC membership was hit hard by how much the candidates ran out, although the committee believes it has made it cheaper to settle.

By 2032, however, the situation may be different. Mumbai (India), Jakarta (Indonesia), Doha (Qatar), Madrid (Spain), Rhine-Ruhr region (Germany), Queensland (Australia) are seriously considering competing for the settlement in 2023. In addition, there is a joint Korean tender, and Ukraine has also expressed interest. For now, it’s hard to say how many of these will stay on their feet when the real race begins.

“I would like to understand that Hungary is hosting the Olympics,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told National Sports in December. The Olympic system – after the change of regime – first appeared in May 2001, at which time Orbán spoke on the radio on Wednesdays and raised the idea there. Signatures were also collected for it in the spring of 2002, after the lost election we did not submit the application for 2012, it was organized by London – transparently and profitably. In December 2014, an Olympic patronage body was formed, then politics settled on the case, contracts were made without prior social consultation, billions in payments followed, then when there could have been a referendum on the settlement, Orbán spoke of a dream murder, and the capital and MOB withdrew.

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