A Protest Was Staged At The Indian Embassy In Japan On August 15

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On August 15, on the occasion of India’s Independence Day, the Kashmir Solidarity Forum, a leading organization of Kashmiris in Japan, staged a massive protest in front of the Indian Embassy.

The Indian ambassador to Japan tried his best to put pressure on the Japanese government to cancel the protest, but the Japanese government adhered to democratic principles. By allowing the Pakistani and Kashmiri community to demonstrate, they upheld the principle of democratic observance.

Indian Independence Day celebrations were going on inside the Indian embassy on the occasion of the demonstration but a large number of Pakistani and Kashmiri people were participating outside the embassy while a large number of Japanese police and security officials were also present around the embassy. ۔

Despite the scorching heat of 38 degrees Celsius in Tokyo on the day of the demonstration, a large number of participants were present in the demonstration, which speaks volumes about the emotional and spiritual attachment of the Pakistani community to Kashmiris.

A large number of representatives of PTI Japan, PML-N Japan, PPP Japan, and Kashmiri and human rights organizations participated in the demonstration.

Speaking on the occasion, Shahid Majeed Advocate, President, Kashmir Solidarity Forum, said that India has been aggressively occupying Kashmir for more than 70 years and India itself has taken the issue to the United Nations and according to UN resolutions, India He is reluctant to hold a referendum in Kashmir because India knows that on the day when Kashmiris get a chance to exercise their right to self-determination, even a single Kashmiri will feel insulted to be with India.

Shahid Majeed called on the Japanese government to suspend all trade with India and called on the United Nations to impose tougher economic sanctions on India to force Kashmiris to give up their right to self-determination.

On the occasion, PML-N Japan President Malik Noor Awan said in his address that India has imposed forest law in occupied Kashmir, there are no human rights, people are killed in public there, youth Is declared a terrorist and killed, innocent women are raped and no one in the world cares for these oppressed Kashmiris.

He said that the international community should take notice of the persecution of Kashmiris and support them for the liberation of Kashmiris. Senior Kashmiri leader Mirza Khalil Baig, PTI Japan President Ahmed Saeed Bhatti, PPP President A large number of Pakistani community including Shahid Majeed, General Secretary Mirza Khalil Baig, Information Secretary Muhammad Yousuf, Senior League Leader Malik Younis, Sheikh Zulfiqar, Senior Pakistani Inamul Haq, Shehzad De Behlam, Qari Ali Hassan Naeem Arain participated.

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