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ABC News is a digitally online platform to convey information to those people who are seeking that.  This is the world’s best online news platform that gives the reality and promises on the quality of the news. ABC News has the key features of proximity, prominence, timeliness, oddity, consequences, conflict, human interest, superlatives, scandal, impact.

ABC News has the following characteristics in the online industry.


ABC News is accessible to every person at ease. Whenever the person has a thirst for news, he just only opens the browser and search for the news which he wants. So, in this way, the news is easily accessible to everyone.


ABC News does not compromise on the quality of the news, every news has the pure quality and the content is unique and fresh. The news is not mix up with fallacious facts and totally is in the pure form. This platform always believes in quality because quality makes the content pretty and effective to the others. The news is said to be effective when the reader of the news understands the same meaning that the news writer has intended to say.


The news is full of correctness and does not contain fallacious facts. The news is in the pure form where it gets and tries to convey easily in a good manner to our users. Fallacious facts have more ratings but as already said we believe in quality, not quantity. This news platform implies the right language, correctly use of grammars and punctuations to make sure that the content Is full free from any error.


ABC News follows the rule of clarity. Clarity demands the usage of simple language and easy sentence structure while computing the message The user reads the news in the simplest language and don’t feel bothered while reading the news. The user will definitely have a great experience with this news platform. Because every word of the news makes the interest to other facts of the news so that you can read all of the published news.


ABC news always is on time. We provide news first. In the fast-growing world time is the key value to all the people. Time is the most important fact for the progress of human beings, time is running continuously Time once gone is gone forever. ABC news always follows the rule of time and always be first to get the news and present it in a convenient way to its users.


Concise means go to the point of knowledge in the whole news. Concise news has a great impact on the effectiveness of the news. Concise news saves the time as well as the cost of the writer and the reader. It highlights the main news s by eliminating the useless words. We believe being concise gives value to the information.


Concrete news clear and usually supported with facts. It gives a detail and bright focus to the prominent information of news. There are details in the news without it being too long. Facts and the figures being presented in the news should be specific concreteness reinforces the confidence of the writer of the news. ABC news always follows the rule of concreteness.


ABC news platform provides the News of the famous noun that is person place things that has the strong demand and people want to know that. People want to know the story facts regarding the famous and favorite person’s place and things. ABC News provides all details with the genuine facts and figures


ABC news must bear all the necessary information to bring the response the reader desires. The news writer should answer all the questions with facts and figures. We believe complete news gives the uses all the information and is clear and detailed. When the news is complete then

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