According to market analysis USA consumer Gift Card Preferences in 2020


Gift card boxes have been very popular amongst people for a long time. But why are they so highly preferred? And how can they make an impact on the customers?

The rise of gift card boxes and gift cards has been linked to the growth of markets. Their usage has grown proportionally to the growth of the markets. What is the reason behind this? Let’s find out. The global growth of supermarkets and large scale retailing has been influenced by the growth of production. The large production of goods by our industries required a large market base. And a large market base can only be successful if there is a large customer base. Without them, manufacturers would not have made any profits.When we are talking about gift cards and their boxes, we need to know something about them. We have provided you with some facts about custom gift card boxesThese statistics will help you to know more about consumer preferences when it comes to these boxes.


Facts and figures


In the year 2000, these boxes were used by less than 20% of retailers in the US. Most of them were large scale chains and brands. But as the decade progressed, we saw a drastic rise in their usage. In 2010, more than 54% of retailers said that they used them to boost their sales and as a promotional incentive.


But the trend didn’t stop there. Last year, about 68% of retailers said that they used gift cards for their customers. And along with the cards, they also used gift card boxes wholesaleThis helped them to save money and promote the brand. But will be discussing these factors later on in detail.


This is the figure for the usage of the cards and the boxes. Box manufacturers claimed that they received more orders for the card boxes than previous years. And they claim that the figure is set to rise in 2020 as well.


But why is the usage of these cards suddenly so popular? Indeed, why are they used in the first place? You must surely be asking yourself all of this. So let’s have a look at the functions of these boxes first.


Consumer preferences in 2020

There are many designs of these cards that have been popular amongst the retailers and the customers. Designing allows you to make sure that you can make the best impression on the people. The whole purpose of discussing consumer preferences is to help develop a better way of influencing their choice. So if you want to get the best card box, make sure that you have a look at this list.


Bold and beautiful: 2020 has been dominated by bold patterns and themes. So if you want to get the attention of the customers, you will have to make use of this theme. The bold patterns of typography will catch the eye of the customers and compel them to take the box. You can use different styling and typography techniques to make the best designs. A very popular technique is the use of a matt black base on which you can write the text in big and bold lettering using contrasting inks.


Minimalism is in vogue: With the new decade, we have also seen a rise in the usage of minimalist packaging. We have seen that people prefer to have a simple and clean interface that has a to-the-point message. This is perhaps due to the lack of time that people nowadays have. Too much design and intricate patterns are very distracting. Remember, you have a short window of opportunity, and you have to make the most of it. The customer should be able to read the message in a single glance. You can use a sterile white base and black type board writing on small gift card boxes to make a unique impression, for example.


An old fashioned approach: There has been another trend that has been rising these days. And that has been the usage of nostalgic themes. With the world looking to a more advanced future, most of us are also reflecting on the past years. And that is why we have seen customers preferring the packaging that has a touch of the 1900s. This preference is popular amongst the older generation due to obvious reasons. And do not forget the fact that 57% of your customers are people aged over 35. As for the youth, they like vintage aesthetics. So you can use the vintage designs to appeal to both sections. You can use heavy designing, rich colors, and a more luxurious approach to the packaging.


Experimenting with materials

Over the past decades, we have seen retailers taking creativity to the next level. Instead of just using a cardboard box and printing on it, they have opted for other materials. For example, we have seen the use of fabric envelopes that have a better texture and look unique. You can easily customize the fabric and use it to make a sleeve in which you can put the cards. It is long-lasting and more environment-friendly as well.


With the aforementioned analysis, we can see how useful gift card boxes are in helping your brand grow successful and compete with any other firm in the market. These designs will allow you to boost the impact of the boxes and make the customer more compelled to check out your store.

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