After 23 years, the Greek Olympic champion spoke for the first time about sexual harassment

Various allegations of sexual harassment in the Cyprus shootings, police investigation – Netral.News

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Greek Family Minister Maria Syregela hosted Olympic champion Sofia Sophia Bekatoru on Friday , whom she had already visited in front of Greek President Katerina Szakellarapolou.

The now 43-year-old athlete, who has been silent about sexual harassment for more than 20 years, told an online conference in mid-January what happened to him when he earned the Sydney Olympics quota in 1998 at the age of 21.

Bekatoru was preparing to become an Olympic sailing champion from an early age, he worked out a very serious program with a teammate and his coach, he trained a lot, he put all his pain aside, he did not whine.

“Paradoxically, one of the big hurdles I had to face during my career was my own alliance. There was no money or strategy in the late 90s and then a nice man came to our team, he became the leader. He had good humor, was helpful, was a bit paternalistic, and with whom we celebrated the qualification. I was 21 years old, escorted home to the hotel after dinner and then kissed me. I didn’t expect it, I didn’t understand. He persuaded me to go to his room because we still have a lot to discuss as I got to the Olympics where I hadn’t been before. He approached me even more violently, then I definitely reiterated to him, no mutual attraction, leave me alone, I pushed myself away. I went back to my room crying and ashamed, I couldn’t tell my partner what had happened, I was afraid of him, so I listened.he revived his case.

Bekatoru became an Olympic champion in Athens in 2004 – four years later he won a bronze medal in Beijing – and the man he didn’t name was still the team leader. The Athens prosecutor’s office began investigating the case, and Aristides Adamopoulos’s vice president resigned, calling the case a slander.

The Olympic champion’s mother testified and encouraged others to follow her example.

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