Amoled screen vs Full HD LED screen

As we have come to a completely different generation when it comes to smartphones from having mobile phones with only buttons we have evolved to touch screen and now even the touch screen mobile phones have so many variations in the display type and its quality that it is indeed hard to choose and understand which type of display plays what role and how does it help you to choose the perfect smartphone that you are looking for. Though all smartphones have good displays as they have to be made with all the resistance as they are touched multiple times even in a single day and so the display must be sharp enough to take all of the pressure and perform at its best.

The two most known displays are the AMOLED screen and the full HD LED screen and so with the following study the specification of both these types of displays and also how and what are the advantages or disadvantages of both of these types of display.


The word AMOLED is simply an abbreviation for the active-matrix organic light-emitting screen. It controls the flow of current to pixels through the Matrix system. The AMOLED display is one of the famous displays and most mobile phones have this type of displacement as the Power consumption buy AMOLED display is very less when it compares to other types of display technologies.    The AMOLED display is look up to so much as it is the finest display and is thin and flexible when compared to other types of displays such as LED or LCD technologies of the display.

The AMOLED display screen is not only used in smartphones in mobile phones but also in many laptops, Smartwatches, Tablets and digital cameras, etc as it is one of the most popular and finest displays.

Advantages of AMOLED display

  • Cost-effective type of display.
  • It is brighter compared to other types of display.
  • The best quality display as it is very popular.

Disadvantages of AMOLED display

  • The quality of the AMOLED display is decreasing day by day as many of the most smartphone brands are approaching.
  • Some of the best quality AMOLED displays can be costly at times depending on the smartphone.

Full HD LED screen

LED screen is often called A flat panel display that uses Light producing diodes As the audio and the visual display. LEDs are bright images providing screens with a high level of contrast and a high definition range of colors. LEDs screen is good in giving response and also by perfectly keeping the brightness and color under control. LED displays also avoid produce of extra heat because they do not contain fluorescent bulbs which can also cause damage by causing a short-circuit in it. The wavelength level of lights used is basically one of the finest qualities. The use of LEDs displays reduces eye fatigue, eye strains, and headaches. It is said to be good in the long run when compared to the LCD screen. LEDs are environment-friendly and easy to use.

Advantages of LED screen

  • LED displays come with high-brightness, vivid color combination as a result it will avoid hurting the human eye even after the brightness is high.
  • Made with the use of environmentally friendly materials and recyclable components which can be reused and will not cause any pollution that will cause harm to the environment.
  • The LED display is thin and of excellent quality-wise and so it is one of the most popular considered types of display used in smartphones, televisions, smart watches, and many other devices.

Disadvantages of LED screen

  • LEDs displays can be expensive at times depending off on the range they are available for in the market and so a good quality LED might cost a lot to an individual if bought separately.
  • LED can cause a huge amount of deterioration and defects If not assembled or made properly by its source.
  • LED displays can change color while the age and can be LEDs are inconsistent as thermal instability can be a usual common fault in them.

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