Are Online plagiarism checker Reliable? 

Plagiarism has been considered as one of the most common and serious problems when it comes to writing any assignment or research paper. Every students and writer are under the effects of plagiarism as most people opt for plagiarism in order to complete their task faster. Therefore, in order to overcome this problem, there is the availability of much anti-plagiarism software which helps in detecting the percentage of plagiarism in the writing. Therefore, the plagiarism software will be considered the safest and most reliable if it shows the duplicate content along with the source of the content for the purpose of improving the quality of the writing. The accuracy of the plagiarism checker depends on the plagiarism software itself.

However, there is much free software of plagiarism that fails to detect all plagiarism of the paper or identifies wrong plagiarism. Therefore, the accuracy of the plagiarism can be determined with the help of two factors- algorithm and the size of the database.

Algorithm- The algorithm helps in recognizing of the plagiarism. Most of the plagiarism checkers only help in detecting direct plagiarism or they only detect those sentences which are exactly the same as the original source. Therefore, only a good plagiarism checker will help to detect patchwork plagiarism.

Size of the database- There are many plagiarism checkers that only help in the detection of plagiarism only against the websites. It will fail to detect plagiarism if the content has been written taking help from any books, journals or any paper which has been previously submitted by any students. Hence, these plagiarism checking tools are not so accurate since they miss a lot of plagiarism.

There are several ways with which the writing content can be protected from plagiarism. The writer should not show and share his or her content with anybody and should not give access to anybody other than those whom she or he trusts. The writer should avoid uploading his or her content to any websites instead can use plagiarism software named Plagiarism CheckerX which helps in the detection of plagiarism without uploading the content.

The plagiarism detector has been considered as free and intelligent software for checking an essay. It is very important for the web owners to upload a plagiarism free content on its website so that maximum traffic is attracted. The anti-plagiarism software has been used mostly by the students and teachers for the purpose of checking papers, essays, and reports.

The plagiarism has been designed in such a way that it offers free detection of plagiarism for helping the students to check the duplicate content as plagiarism is highly unacceptable. The plagiarism detection software which is available online is implemented with essential techniques and strategies which help to give 100 percent accurate as well as authentic results for everybody.

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