Are We Reactive or Proactive?

I am a great fan of thrillers and murder mysteries – just love the ‘whodunits’ when invariably the good guys win in the end. It doesn’t seem to matter how beaten up they get, good always prevails.

It suddenly struck me that in most, if not all, of these scenarios – the bad guys are proactive and the good guys are reactive.

I got to thinking about how this related to everyday life and how we run our businesses and our lives.


I was brought up in an era when things were much simpler – meals were cooked from scratch and organic wasn’t an option – vegetables were just vegetables and they were chosen purely based on taste preferences.

Now we have whole movements of people spending their time and energy demonstrating against GMOs, cruel agricultural practices and the like – to get us back to a time when we didn’t have to wonder if our food was compromising our health or not. In some parts of the world fresh fruit and vegetables aren’t an option – only chemically laden processed food is available, along with sugary drinks. Even if organic fruit and vegetables are available, the price is often prohibitive for the poorer members of society. Junk food and fruit and vegetables treated with pesticides is their only viable option, with the health challenges that come with it.


We had paraffin heaters and fireplaces where wood and coal were burnt. There was no central heating, fewer cars and items like ovens, fridges and washing machines were built to last for many years. Mobile devices and computers weren’t even dreamed of – I remember there was a phone in the hall and conversations being brief.

Now we have whole movements of people spending their time and energy trying to save the planet which is under threat due to deforestation, fracking, chemtrails, ocean pollution – not to mention the potential extinction of animal species, ways of life and whole populations who live more primitive lifestyles. This is to feed our need for bigger and better ‘things’ – often fueled by desire and not necessity.

It was only 30 years ago when I was introduced to my first computer at work. Since then it’s like the world has gone mad – progress has happened so fast that the planet itself can’t keep up and is being systematically destroyed.


When I was a child, if we had chicken pox, measles or a bad cold we would go to the doctor, be given some medicine and kept in bed until we were better. Sometimes there would be parties held so that the neighbourhood children could catch whatever it was that was going round, to get it over and done with. We had a few vaccinations against diseases like polio and I used to get jabs for cholera, TB and typhoid because I used to travel to countries where they were necessary.

Now we have whole movements of people spending their time and energy challenging the pharmaceutical and chemical corporations and asking them questions relating to ‘profit over health’.

Nowadays babies are being born and immediately subjected to a cocktail of chemicals being injected into them. I saw something the other day which stated that giving a vaccination to a newborn was equivalent of giving a 180lb adult 30 vaccinations in one day. The worrying thing is that there are noticeably more sick children with serious and life altering illnesses now than in my childhood. There are also many more sick adults with diseases that, to my knowledge, were never heard of when I was a child. So where is the progress?

My Thoughts

I am by no means against progress – it is necessary for us to keep growing as a human race. However, when progress is tinged with greed and lack of compassion, is it really progress? Isn’t it more like regression with prettier toys? I think that in many ways, other than material ones, the world has regressed quite alarmingly.

It seems to me that many organisations have been conceived primarily to save the planet – would these businesses have been birthed, or even thought of, 40 years ago? So much energy is being expended trying to undo the damage that has been done, that progression is being slowed down – we are in a world where it is one step forward, two steps back.

This scenario makes me think of a reactive and frustrated mother constantly following a proactive and spoilt child that is leaving destruction in its wake. I believe that it is high time that mother became proactive and grounded the child until it learned to have more respect for others – time for the naughty step!!

Is your business reactive or proactive? I would love to hear your perspective. Sue is the Founder of Soulfully Connecting. The idea behind Soulfully Connecting is to demonstrate that there are other ways of living which can heal the earth, the animal kingdom and ourselves. She is passionate about people having freedom of choice, which is only possible when they know about all the options.

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