Armani Watches – The Epitome of Celebrity Fashion and Sophistication

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Armani is the essence of all that is impeccable and refined in the world of watches. Essentially known for their sense of flamboyant yet graceful fashion, the brand initiated the creation of watches by the name of Emporio Armani watches in 1991. The whole collection including clothes, jewelry, watches and accessories is based on minute details and purely modernistic designs. The symbol of the eagle on every Armani product is a seal of perfection which represents glamour and quality. These are no doubt inspired by the classic sense of style. In the brand’s essence, the tradition is combined with the contemporary ornaments in such a way that it makes their products wearable by everyone and the brand has something for each individual.

Superstars Who Sport Armani

As the title suggests, Armani stands for style and sophistication. This is proven beyond doubt when we take a look at the number and reputation of the renowned people who exhibited their fashion choice in choosing the brand for their chronological wardrobe. Ever since the brand Emporio Armani commenced in 1991, celebrities like John Travolta and Michelle Pfeiffer were the first celebrities to wear Armani products and to show off the designer’s unique and flamboyant sense of style, reflected on the wearer.

Today, celebrities who are well known the world over like Victoria and David Beckham, Megan Fox, Cristiano Ronaldo as well as the celebrated singer Rihanna have become well-known faces of the brand. Even if just one famous person, who is not even a celebrity, wears a designer product and creates waves with it, there is a cult following of the same style and product and it goes viral overnight. The same happened with the Armani watch philosophy, Classic, when John Travolta wore it for the first time in 1992 and was seen wearing it in one of his movies. Among the first people to flaunt Armani were the legendary celebrities Richard Gere and Jodie Foster.

Thus it is not a small issue for people to be overwhelmed with anything but envy by the thought of the fashion tycoon’s massive wealth and splendor.

Classic vs. Meccanico

The Classic variety in Giorgio Armani’s ultra famous brand has been a great mass recognition achiever for the gentleman. This variety includes a vast assortment of characteristic styles of rounded and shaped watch dials and casings. These also come with a great choice of colors and materials in the wristbands which come in either solid stainless steel or classic leather straps. These watches have three sizes: small, medium and large, in stainless-steel casings. Also, there are additional features in each of the Armani watches including colored crystals of assorted minerals encrusted in the dials, remote second hands, removable buckles and even calendars. Some watches even have a logo that is etched on the sides of the watch for prominence.

Conversely, the Meccanico is a very different type of watch from the Classic variety. This is because it is based on an entirely different philosophy of spirit. Whereas the Classics are affordable and may be worn by anyone who is fashion conscious, the Meccanico watches are typically out of the ordinary as well as on the higher end of the price meter. These Armani watches combine technology and class in a wonderful mixture resulting in elegance and a ‘retro’ sense of old-world and pre-war sophistication. They are made with technical sophistication and refined style to elevate the personality of the wearer twofold. They are based on both mechanical as well as automatic movements. Meccanico watches are mostly leather strapped in different shades and have an open visible mechanical system.

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