Published On: Sat, May 18th, 2019

As you look at the work of exhibition stand designers you will notice the diversity they offer.

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They all bring some unique concepts to life and that is very exciting! You need to look for such characteristics before you hire someone to complete the work for you. Avoid those that seem to use a one size fits all approach.

While they do quality work, the problem is their materials all look the same. This is going to cause foot traffic to walk right on by your display because they have seen the same similar concept too many times before. It isn’t new, it isn’t refreshing, and it won’t retain their attention long enough for you to have a chance to sell to them.


Always ask to see the portfolio of the exhibition stand designers you are interested in before you make a final decision. Do you see quite a bit of diversity? Do you see creativeness that comes in all directions? This is important to identify even if the materials aren’t your cup of tea. It shows the spectrum of the work they can provide. It shows they aren’t locked into a comfort zone.

Ask questions about the work the exhibition stand designers shares with you too. What types of tools and equipment did they use to create it? Was it durable enough to last being put up and taken down over and over again at trade shows? Is there anything about the work they wish they had done differently?

Communication Style

As you talk with exhibition stand designers about your needs, some of them will appeal to you and others will turn you off. Not everyone is good at communication skills and that can harm the relationship. It isn’t going to work if they annoy you, don’t feel they listen to you, or they intimidate you. The relationship needs to be professional but also comfortable to gain from it.

The great exhibition stand designers aren’t going to mind if you ask about their experience and their work. Ask them open ended questions such as why they enjoy the work and about the most challenging project they have ever worked on was. Such information can give you a good idea about them and their character.


Too often, those who are creative often lack great organizational skills. You need to make sure this isn’t true with the person you work with. It is vital they stick to a schedule you agree upon for showing you the proofs, for changes, and the overall deadline for the work to be completed so you can use it as you need to.

Make sure they are committed to meeting deadlines and they work well with close deadlines too. The last thing you need is for the challenges and pressures to get to them and they can’t get the job done as you thought they would. Find out how many other jobs they have to complete in front of yours too.

While it makes sense the best exhibition stand designers stay busy, you need to feel confident they aren’t going to be overwhelmed with a workload they can’t possibly stay on top of. Don’t hesitate to ask those difficult questions so you can get a clear picture of what they can realistically deliver.

Do all you can to reduce barriers and to avoid taking risks. You need to know who you hire can be counted on to get you results. If they fail to do so, there isn’t going to be enough time to hire someone else. You also need to feel the price for the project is reasonable based on the design and the level of difficulty.

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