Do You Need to Visit the Dentist Annually?

image source: We all receive those emails or postcards from our dentists, telling us it is time for another checkup. These typically arrive once every six months or once per year, depending on the provider you see. This pattern goes along

Can a Psychologist Help You Grow?

image source: The thought of getting counselling is often associated with mental health issues or hardships. But a psychologist can do more than just provide you with the therapy you need. You can work with a professional to help you with

Protein Powder is not Just for your Shaker Cup

image source: Time is precious. Everyone seems to be in a rush to maximise the use of this non-renewable resource. People settle for to-go meals to save on time spent on food prep.  In place of an energising breakfast after a

Best Reasons Why You Struggle To Lose Weight

image source: A recent study has shown that obese people may lack the ability to respond to a critical hormone that is needed to prevent overeating. This means that if you are obese, your mind may actually be working against you

All you need to know about Nicotine salts. Do they even work?

image source: Nowadays, you hear a lot about Nicotine salts online. There are several articles that are published regularly on this product. You can also try and searching online for Vape Pods and Vaporizers. It is certain that awareness can help

Can Thyroid Function Be Restored Without Prescription Medication

image source: If you’ve been recently diagnosed with an underactive Thyroid, you probably noticed that doctors tend to be quick to prescribe medication. However, it takes some trial and error to find the correct dosage for your personal Hashimoto’s Disease treatment.

Importance of Nurses in Healthcare

image source: With the booming healthcare industry, the need for healthcare professionals is overgrowing too. There is a persistent need for doctors, surgeons, physicians, epidemiologists, and especially nurses. In the 21st century, nursing is the glue that holds the patient’s journey

Monk’s Advice – Yoga Poses For a Complete Workout

image sourve: Yoga is undoubtedly the best workout routine you can have in order to stay fit. There are a couple of routines followed by Tibetan monks for a slow aging and healthy life. These dates back to almost 2500 years.

Attributes of an Indispensable Physician Recruiter

image source:       Recent times have seen an increased demand for physicians. Putting the COVID-19 pandemic aside, these medical experts are essential partners and workforce to hospitals and clinics. Since the process of hiring a physician is imperatively daunting