Auto Shops Vs Mobile Repair Service: What To Choose?



If it comes to a question of choosing between auto shops and mobile repair service or between servicing your car or repairing your phone, which would you choose? The rational person would always choose to get their car repaired first since a car happens to be much more essential than your phone. What’s more, you would be using your car for just about everything. And that’s all the more reason that you would want to check out these tips to choosing a great auto repair firm.

  • Ask around: The first thing that you need to do is to ask around; check in with your friends and relatives. They may recommend a few auto repair shops, and usually, you can rely on word of mouth recommendations because they happen to be based on actual customer experiences. You can always search online using the search string sell your car in Auckland and that should net you a few results.
  • Cheap is not always good: When you are planning to get your car serviced, you may want to do some research online and check up more about the auto repair shop in question. And that it is never a good idea to go with the firm that comes in with the lowest service charge/fee. So check with a few auto repair shops, and soon you would have a fair idea of what’s a fair rate to get your car checked out.
  • Check online reviews: You may want to check out some of the online reviews as that should give you a fair idea on what to expect with the auto repair shop in question. Most if not all these reviews are unbiased and they would definitely clue you in, regarding the auto shop and as to whether they are as good as they claim to be.
  • Ask the right questions: You are the consumer and therefore you have all the right to question the auto repair shop as regards their qualifications and background. For instance, you can find out how long they have been in operation. You can also ask them if the auto repair shop is certified, if it comes with any accreditation etc. You can also check online for auto removal in Auckland and find out if this auto repairs shop is also one of the top ranked ones, in and around Auckland.
  • Ask the repair shop to explain in simple terms: Most Auto repair shops tend to assess the vehicle before sharing their assessment with you. That’s fine, but the problem is that most of them tend to use detailed technical terms to list out the problem. Ask the repair shop to explain the same in simple terms so that you can comprehend the problem as well as determine what needs to be done.
  • Get estimates: Most auto repair firms are loath to give estimates at the start. So you need to make it clear that they must give you an estimate before you hand over your car to them. Of course they would exceed their own earlier estimate but even so, always make it a point to get an estimate from the repair firm well before the firm in question starts with the repairs.
  • These are some of the tips that you need to review in order to select the right auto repair shop. Do remember that the estimates for the same service are bound to vary from one firm to the other. You need to make a decision as to what’s more important to you – quality or cost and decide accordingly. Just remember that most auto repair shops may provide you with an inflated estimate so make sure that you ask around and check out various repair shops. And of course, always make sure that you check out the shop’s details, background information and then make the right decision.

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