Automatic Vehicle Number Plate Recognition

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Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is known to be a very effective technology which is helpful to scan license plates for any vehicle through optical character recognition. This technology is helpful to save images and texts from license plates clicked by the cameras.

Usually, law enforcement officials use this technology across the world for various security and safety purposes, including ensuring that vehicle is licensed or registered. It is also widely used for toll collection and as a means to index the traffic activity. At the same time, these systems use infrared lights to enable the camera to record the picture at any day. This technology is able to detect the differences in number plates.

Some of the arrangements of vehicle license plates generally use variations in placement and font sizes. Automatic license plate recognition systems are capable enough to detect vehicle movements. Usually, CCTV cameras are used in Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems along with mobile units. Usually, they are focused on vehicles. Some of the systems have infrared cameras to take quality pictures. The software of automatic number plate recognition works on best hardware and can easily connect to other databases or applications.

There are two simple approaches ANPR system follows:

  • These systems performs the whole operations at site and deliver real-time data
  • Other systems process images from several lanes to a remote location for OCR process

Automatic number plate recognition systems capture the data like lane identification, alphanumeric and date time information. It performs the whole operation in around 250 milliseconds. This information can be transmitted easily to a remote location for processing when needed. A lot of systems are used in server stations to deal with heavy workloads in other sequences. There is a great need to send images to the server but it needs proper bandwidth. A lot of countries have been using retro reflective license plates. It reflects the light to the source and improves image quality. It can be done with dedicated license plate detection cameras.

Areas of Application

  • Used to detect the motorist whenever they drive away without paying for anything
  • To measure the vehicle speed on average when it comes to longer distances
  • For traffic enforcement systems
  • To analyze the origin/destination, route choice and other behaviors of a motorist to serve transport planning.
  • To recognize the customers on the basis of license plate and provide complete info of the items ordered when using the service.
  • To recognize the vehicles of guests to facilitate visitor management.

Benefits of Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Crime Detection

Security agencies and law enforcement officials can avoid any crime from happening whenever a criminal is found driving the car which is booked for committed crimes. By placing these cameras at risky areas, crimes can be far less by making people feel that it is not easy to escape the scene. Though not impossible, it is still hard to hide out on the road thanks to the license plate recognition system. Criminals will have limited ways to get away. It ensures peace of mind among citizens when the crime rate goes down.

To deal with risky situations

There are situations when security officials have to deal with dangerous criminals. It is the harsh reality of working in these situations. Though nothing can completely avoid the risk and claim that it won’t happen again, it is better to have a license plate recognition system to keep the officials alert. If an officer or guard detects a license plate and the violent crook associated with it, they can easily call the backup before dealing with the suspect.  Intel is the best friend of security officials. There are certain ways which have been effective to gather details on the go.

Gathering Data

There has been a cumulative effect behind the Automatic Number Plate recognition system and it has plenty of benefits for law enforcement and businesses. These cameras are widely used to collect more details of the community. Patrolling officials are more likely to gather details on potential suspects due to all the details gathered by license plate recognition.

Bottom Line

All in all, automatic number plate recognition systems can serve different purposes to improve the safety of both public and security officials. It is in the best interest for everyone to control crime and detect suspects. It can be made possible when we start using the best Automatic Number Plate Recognition system in order to achieve their goals.

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