Beginner’s Guide To Choose The Best Air Rifle



Whether you need it for small game hunting, plinking, or to build a professional career in shooting, air rifles are one of the best. These sturdy, ergonomic rifles deliver powerful performance, accurate precision and enhanced safety. So, if you have made up your mind to try this versatile gun, then you must know its types, materials, mechanisms, controls, and more.

Here we have discussed some of the important parameters you should know before trying the first shot, considering you know about the state laws and regulations of owning a gun.

Types of Air Rifles For Beginners 

Generally, the source of power dominates the air rifle type. Based on this air rifles can be categorised as

  • Spring Powered
  • Variable Pumps
  • Gas Pistons
  • CO2 Gas Powered
  • Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP)

The selection depends upon the type of usage. If it is just for plinking and fun, then try Co2 gas air rifles. If you are confused and can’t decide-then go for the all-rounder- Gas piston air rifles. Moreover, safety, ease of operation, design are also major deciding factors.

So, get your first air rifle by considering the following features:

  1. Best Suits Your Weight: The first and foremost factor for an air rifle selection is the weight. There is no use of buying those heavyweight rifles if you can’t lift them. The length, material, and design play a crucial role here. For beginners, it is wise to choose a lightweight air-rifle made of fiberglass with a liner tube of stainless steel. It is lightweight and resistant to heat. Also, the material is strong, which produces less vibrations.
  2. Barrel Length and Material: It’s all about engineering and mode of operation. As a beginner, you start with shooting short range targets, so invest in a long-length barrel air-rifle. The pellets fired from long barrels reduce the speed and improve accuracy. On the other hand, short barrels increase the rate of bullets and are suitable for distant targets. You can go for short-barrel rifles once you feel confident with short range targets.
  3. Two-Stage Triggers: Air-rifles come in two modes of operations single-stage and two-stage. While single-stage is best for fast action, it might not be safe for beginners. You must choose a Two-stage trigger air rifle for target practice. It lets you know the exact time when the gunshot will fire. Adjust the trigger after the first phase, and as soon as you pull the trigger, the rifle discharges the shot. So, it improves accuracy and offers safety—a good beginning for your shooting journey.
  4. Shouldering and Design: Besides the operation and selection, the comfortability in handling the air rifle should not be forgotten. Buy an air-rifle that perfectly fits your hand, have a firm grip and offer great control. Additionally, the design from where you handle the trigger, place it on your shoulder should be considered. This allows easy handling and gives you control to fire shots precisely without any disturbance in the projection.

You can also add quality scopes to your air rifle for precise target shooting. Moreover, use of bipods, buttstock spacers, replaceable grips gives you the flexibility to practice efficiently, preparing you towards an intermediate level. Start with the right air rifle and enjoy your hunting game. What’s more, you can use the air-rifle for pest control too. So, choose the best air-rifle for your practice and set your path towards a professional shooting career.

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