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Benefits of Boxing Workout!

Benefits of Boxing Workout!

Boxing isn’t just for those with giant bodies or those with veins popping out of their arms. Boxing can be an exciting sport even if you are the average man without colossal biceps or a toned body! You do not have to step up in the ring like shown on television. For a start, you only need a pair of boxing gloves to protect your hands and a boxing bag, a mitt or perhaps a trainer at your local gym.

There are quite a few advantages of boxing; below, I have listed a few of them to give you an idea of what a healthy and engaging sports boxing is and how your body can benefit from it.

 A Big Change in Cardiovascular Health!

Anyone who has gone to a gym at least once must have heard the word “Cardio”. To simplify the term for you, let me tell you this fantastic advantage of boxing!

Once you develop the highly addictive and benefitting habit of boxing, you break a lot of sweat, which places stress little by little on your heart and lungs! Now the pressure on the heart does not always mean it’s unhealthy! Sometimes, if your heart or lungs are weak for some reason, be it from smoking in the past or from experiencing excessive anger, you need to stress them by boxing, which allows them to handle higher amounts of stress and strain effortlessly! Your increased heart rate will pump around blood more effectively, burning more and more calories and protecting you from heart diseases!

Stronger Bones and Joints!

Bones and joints are an essential part of the human body! Solid bones and flexibility are what you need to kickstart your every day with a happy face. As you cross the line of the sixties, you will start noticing a gradual decrease in your bone mass, and your joints will never be the same as they used to be!

Most high standard punching bags weigh around 100 pounds. Every time you kick and punch, you put weight against your bones, increasing bone mass and the bones’ overall strength. Your shoulders, arms, wrists, and legs all work in unison, which means you will get a killer form if you continue boxing for a more extended period.

With increased bone thickness and durability, the risks of developing bone-related diseases such as “Arthritis” are significantly reduced.

Controls Weight!

Another considerable advantage of boxing is that it helps you control your weight. According to statistics, an average training/Boxing session burns calories ranging from 500-to 700 easily for intermediate boxers. The figure can rise in the case of professional fighters.

Keeping in mind that the number of calories burned does depend on the intensity and type of training you do, be assured that whether you are just practising with a bag or boxing with an actual trainer, you will burn some energy and fat due to excessive sweating, helping in losing excess fat and building up a toned body.

Once you have made boxing a part of your routine, you will notice a visible growth in the size of your muscles which means your body will burn a more significant amount of fat to supply those biceps with the energy to punch and maintain themselves.

Elevates your mood!

Maybe boxing isn’t just about increasing strength; it has some other purpose too! Boxing is a great way to relieve stress, a thing that is very much harmful to any living thing. The punching will help you release the considerable amount of unused energy stored in your body, making you feel relaxed and content!

Especially for people who spend most of their time doing jobs like working on a computer or sitting behind desks doing nothing that involves physical activity, boxing would prove to be a significant life-changing event for them. They would feel more joyful, fit and less depressed!

When we work out, a chemical is produced by our brain called “serotonin”, which creates a burst of joyfulness and happiness, making us forget the wrong day at the office or perhaps forget about our depression.


Finally, after reading a few of the many benefits of boxing, you would understand that boxing is a sport no other sport can rise to. The advantages of boxing are numerous, while there are almost no disadvantages except that you could injure yourself if you do not use boxing gloves of some well-known brand that does not compromise on quality.

Boxing can solve many day-to-day problems, including stress, depression and sadness, laziness or even an unfit body, making it a fun and engaging sport!

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