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Benefits of Hiring Local and Private Tour Guide in Moscow

Benefits of Hiring Local and Private Tour Guide in Moscow

Hiring a private tour guide in Moscow has so many advantages to its credit. If you’ve taken a bus tour or any other major guided voyage, you probably have experienced certain aspects which you disliked. Disappointment has also been expressed by travelers who choose the do-it-yourself path. Here are the top six reasons most tourists have backed hiring a local guide in Moscow to reap the maximum benefit of an excursion.

Bespoke Tour Design 

A more comprehensive list of attractions and subjects, some that may not be of interest to you, is covered by larger tours taking along dozens of people. Sometimes this can feel like a waste of time— something that most holidaymakers already find very constrained. With your group in mind, a private tour guide in Moscow may plan sights and visit locations that fascinate you.

Smaller Groups 

In a class of dozens, guides in large groups often sound more like professors than a tour guide that you paid to direct and educate you about the place. 

On the contrary, with privately led tours, your guide is there for you, your friends, and your family. There are not hundreds of individuals to compete with for the attention of the guidance. He or she is more than prepared to show you around and address all your questions.


There is not much time to relax and take in the more fascinating sights you come across because of a huge count of people on larger tours and additional rounds that the guide may have planned for that day. The timetable is far more customizable for a local guide in Moscow—Tours can also be extended or reserved for sequential days with the same guide for a small fee.

Time Saver

It can be difficult, particularly with limited time to understand the best things to see and do. You waste time seeing stuff that might not be of interest on more extensive tours. Private guides are not only experienced locals who can make suggestions; they ask you questions and plan tours while keeping your preferences in mind.

Cultural Perspective and Security. 

Each place has its cultural practices and aspirations. For instance, putting your thumb into your index and middle fingers or creating the “OK” sign are deemed obscene gestures in Russia. These may also extend to broader norms, such as regulations. However, you can prevent embarrassment or worse with added insights from a professional private tour guide in Moscow.


It is convenient and quite helpful to connect while visiting new countries. Private guides are locals who can speak the language from both sides and do translations for you.

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