Best Experiences on Safaris in Tanzania

Safaris in Tanzania offer much more than wilderness and wildlife, and one of the most amazing
attractions available to you is the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. Africa’s highest mountain stands
at 19,340 feet above sea-level and has long been a favorite with adventure seekers and safari
enthusiasts in Tanzania. The snow-capped mountain can be seen for miles around and is
encircled by forest which is inhabited by large mammals including leopard, elephant, antelope
and buffalo. On safaris in Tanzania, you can arrange to visit Kilimanjaro and either stand in awe
at its dramatic beauty, or climb its summit. Climbing the mountain doesn’t require any
experience or technical expertise, but it does require a strong level of fitness and health, and also
a whole lot of dedication. Climbing this mountain is an unforgettable experience so if you really
are interested in doing so, you should discuss it with your tour operator.
A Great Migration Safari
The great wildebeest migration is a magnificent natural event that takes place every year in
Tanzania. The migration is the movement of large numbers of wildebeest, zebra and gazelle.
Throughout the year the herds are constantly on the move in search of fresh grazing and better
quality water, all the time fighting their way through herds of prey and challenging
environments. You can witness this spectacular event on great migration safari in Tanzania
where you can follow the herds in many wonderful ways. Try mobile camping to stay close to
the migration, enjoy game drives across the Serengeti plains, take walking safaris deep in the
bush, book a horseback safari to join the herds or why not rise up in the skies for the best hot air
balloon ride of your life?
Trekking Chimps in the Mountains
The Mountains National Park is one of the country’s most remote areas and can only be
reached via a boat or from the air when on safaris in Tanzania. Dramatic mountains, lush forests
and white sandy beaches form the backdrop to this beautiful setting, and it is here that you can
get up close to the 17,000 chimpanzees that reside here. With an expert guide, you’ll move deep
into the forests following the sounds and smells of the chimps until you reach them in their
huddles, preening each other and going about their day to day lives. Chimpanzees are the main
attraction here but the surrounding environment is also the home for many red , red-tailed
and blue monkeys, as well as an array of exotic birds.

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