Best Graphing Calculator For College Students

With the back to school season just around the corner it is time to start thinking about buying the best graphing calculator for your college classes. There are so many models to choose from it can be hard to pick out the best graphing calculator. Thankfully there are websites out there that have done the hard work for you.

Here are a few helpful tips to help you save some money and make the best choice. If you follow these helpful tips you should save quite a bit of money and frustration.

1. Start shopping early! Students who wait until the last minute will end up buying an overpriced unit. You don’t want to get stuck paying an extra $100 at the school book store because you waited to the last minute to get your supplies. Buying online on sites such as amazon can help get you the best deal.

2. Consider buying calculator. If you only need the calculator for a class or two save some money and buy a used one online then sell it back online when you are done with it, it could cost you next to nothing.

3. Know what calculators are allowed for your class. Some professors and test only allow certain devices. If you ask early you can find out what models are allowed.

4. If you plan on using your calculator for years to come buy the best graphing calculator you can afford. You will be glad you did, you will spend hundreds or thousands of hours with it and the faster the processor and easier to use it is will result in hundreds of hours freed up for you. You want to have a powerful model that performs many functions quickly and smartly, not a cheap graphing calculator that will cause you frustration.

Here are a few of the best graphing calculators for college students.

1. The TI-84 Plus is a good graphing calculator and one of the most popular on the market. Many students start off with this calculator and will be more than adequate for any student taking one or two math and science classes. In fact many text books use this screen display in the textbooks making following along very easy. If you struggle in math and want to rely on your textbook for help this is a good choice.

2. The Voyager 200 is the best choice on the market and is both the most powerful and most complicated to use. This is the best graphing calculator for college students taking advance math and science classes.

3. The TI-83 plus is the best graphing calculator for students on a budget. It is slower than other models but can perform most functions required for math classes. If you want a cheap graphing calculator the TI-83 Plus is one of the best calculators for you and you should be able to make it through your classes just fine however expect to spend a few more seconds per problem while the calculator processes more complex problems.

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