Best Popular Wedding Photography Locations in Sydney


Yay! You are getting married, and it’s time for the much-awaited wedding photoshoot. Your checklist includes your partner, perfect dress, perfect makeup, bridesmaids and groomsmen and some heart throbbing poses. But, do you feel that something is missing? What about the photography destination? Well, you are getting married just once, and you’ve got to do it right! Here is a list of some of the most popular and enchanting wedding photography destinations preferred by the best wedding photographers in Sydney.

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Fairground Follies in St Peters
What can be more magical than creating the most beautiful moments of your life on a magical land? If you are willing to opt for a fairyland destination, then Fairground Follies is the spot for you. This place gives your wedding photoshoot a unique, fun touch, along with being super romantic of course! You can use the various rides and enjoy with your bridal party while getting shot beautifully.

Hyde Park
You know what they say, “You can never go wrong with Hyde Park as your wedding photoshoot destination!” Hyde Park is one of the most popular wedding photography destinations which Sydney photographers swear by. You ask why Hyde Park? Well, it is a central location for a number of reception venues, incredible natural light filters by the overhanging trees and yes, nature’s green always complements the white bridal dress.

Martin Place
If you are interested in a vintage location, then Martin Place is the name for you. It is a hotspot for all the contemporary and vintage fanatics and surely makes a beautiful wedding photo shoot destination. The place is lit with grandeur and offers various locations and backdrops for photography.

Observatory Hill
Another popular spot with Sydney couples, Observatory Hill, has everything that it takes to be a beautiful spot for wedding photography. The best part about this place is that it is often less crowded which gives you personal space to enjoy your shoot. The lighting is perfect, and all you need is a visionary photographer.

The Rocks
Rock your photos at the Rocks. If you are a fan of cobble footpaths, textured walls and rustic themes, then you can’t miss out on The Rocks. The location is right in the heart of the city, but its secluded streets and hidden pathways are what makes it one destination to explore if you are having a vintage themed wedding.

Sydney University
If you are thinking, why The Sydney university, then you have to visit the place yourself for all the answers. This place is highly popular among the married-to-be couples, making advance bookings is the right way to go. So, what makes this place insanely popular? The answer is its vast lawns, sandstone arches. Also, if you can’t afford a castle but want a feel of it, then Sydney University is the right place for you.

Cockatoo Island
Cockatoo Island is perfect for your wedding photography. The best part about this place is that you will get a chance to cruise out with your bridal party to the island and have a great harbour experience with them. The rustic theme of the place will take you in awe, and if you are thinking what could be more fun, then it’s a wedding ceremony at Cockatoo island itself!

Watsons Bay
There are beautiful sunsets which make this place look magical. It has a little beach called Camp Cove, and the view is breathtaking. Even though a number of couples prefer this place for their wedding shoot, the area is very private and does not have many tourists. If you want different shades of the sky in your wedding shoot, then Watsons Bay is the perfect place for you.


If your wedding day is around the corner, then it’s time you decide on your shoot destination keeping the locations mentioned above in mind.

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If you have any other favourite wedding photography shoot destinations in Sydney, then tell us about them in the comments below.


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