Best Reasons Why You Struggle To Lose Weight

15 Reasons Why You’re Struggling to Lose Weight

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A recent study has shown that obese people may lack the ability to respond to a critical hormone that is needed to prevent overeating. This means that if you are obese, your mind may actually be working against you and your weight loss diet plans.How can you compete with your mind? Well unless you are willing to try something drastic like weight loss hypnosis, you probably should consider talking to a doctor about prescription weight loss pills first.  According to the study, losing weight may be harder than you initially thought and weight loss pills might give you the edge you will need.

The medical study, published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, researched the satiety of 35 people. In case you are not familiar with the term satiety, it has to do with how full you are feeling. A person who never experiences satiety will constantly feel hungry and is more likely to continue eating.

This Makes Sticking to a Healthy Weight Loss Diet Extremely Difficult.

In the study, obese, type 1 diabetes, and lean patients were fed the same foods and then given injections of glucagon. Glucagon is a hormone related with blood sugar and feelings of fullness. The conventional thought is that increasing glucagon will help obese patients feel full and ultimately be able to stick to a weight loss diet.What actually happened though is that the patients with type 1 diabetes and those that were not overweight experienced satiety after receiving the injection. The obese patients remained hungry.  The study had confirmed that their obesity actually inhibited the body’s natural ability to feel full.

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What does this mean for the rest of us?

Well, first thing-  if you are obese, yes you may actually not be able to control yourself. Combine that with the fact that diet is more important than exercise in terms of the best way to lose weight, and you have a very serious issue.You have to first control your appetite if you truly want to lose weight fast and easy. Unfortunately, controlling your appetite doesn’t mean eating until you are not hungry. The study has proven that some obese people lack the trigger that tells them they are full. Therefore, if you are obese, you may not know when to stop eating.

You have to at least be able to stick to a weight loss diet if you want to lose weight fast. Prescription diet pills can help you do just that. They work to suppress the appetite of obese patients so that they can focus on eating a healthy diet to lose weight.A doctor can help determine the best weight loss pills for your situation and can also work with you to follow their progress. Working with your doctor or a medical professional at a weight loss center is the safest and easiest way to monitor your success with weight loss pills.Although for some of us, losing weight may be as easy as adding a simple exercise routine, for others it is a complicated process that involves significant lifestyle changes. If sticking to a reasonable diet is borderline impossible it may be more than just your self-control.

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