Black Friday and Cyber Monday Virgin Hair Sales



In the United States, the following day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday. Black Friday is a Christmas shopping season to buy gifts for your loved ones. The holiday shopping season was prevalent since the 1950s, but it was named Black Friday only after the past few decades. Hair sales at a discounted price don’t end on Black Friday. Some companies offer the same super deals on Cyber Monday. If you are nearby, visit the stores, or you can shop online.

Here are three high-quality extensions and wigs retailers with the best deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020.


  1. Indique Hair



Check out super-hot deals at Indique


Indique hair has collections of versatile and high-quality hair extensions and wigs. Many clients don’t care about the sourcing and processing techniques when they buy extensions, but it is crucial to know them. Indique is a trusted company in the hair industry; they collect Remy human hair from India’s temples. Collected hairs are processed naturally without using harsh chemicals. Indique has stores in many major cities of the United States with varieties of hair extensions. Black Friday is a big day for Indique, and they know how to value their customers.

Every year after Thanksgiving, Indique offers super hot deals by cutting down the prices for extensions and wigs. Besides wigs and extensions, they also have natural hair care products like Moisturizing Shampoo, Moisturizing Conditioner, French Argan Oil, Dry Shampoo, Shine Spray, and Heat Guard.

Indique usually offers three types of bundle deals for customers.



        i.            Pure Bundle Deal

Indique’s flagship hairpieces for Black Friday and Cyber Monday


The pure collection is Indique’s best products of virgin hair, natural and original. Pure bundles can be manipulated and styled with any hot deals without damage. It regains its natural state after styling.


a.                  Pure Wavy


Choose a pure wavy bundle from a variety of lengths to add volume and length to your natural hair. Pure wavy bundle deals are available with natural wavy closure.


b.                  Pure Curly


Pure curly bundle with closure is the perfect deal for this Black Friday to achieve long curly locks with various styling options. If you want a curly hairstyle, spare your natural hair from damage and use this curly bundle.



c.                   Pure Straight


Seal your natural hair under this pure straight bundle to achieve long sleek hair. However, you can choose the length to accentuate the beauty of your face. Straight black hair is the perfect Black Friday deal for you.


  1. Bounce Bundle Deals

Indique’s Bounce Bundle deals


Indique’s bounce collection is a steam processed product free of chemicals. Steam processed bounce collections may lose its original texture when straightened with hot tools.


a.                  Bounce Relaxed Straight Bundle Deal


Bounce relaxed straight is perfect for women desiring straight hair with healthy sheen and movement. Your hair will achieve enough bounce and movement with low thickness and luster. It is the perfect choice for straight hair lovers.


b.                  Bounce Organic Curl Bundle Deal

Achieve naturally kinky curly styles with organic bounce curls. It is the best and curliest texture to achieve a full look with a lightweight texture and low luster.


c.                   Bounce Blow-Out Bundle Deal


This is an excellent deal if you want a perfect blow-out look. The coarse hair is ideal for blending seamlessly with both your pressed or blown-out hair. You can wear this low luster, natural-looking hairpiece flat-ironed, curled, or in its natural state.


d.                  Bounce Coil Curl Bundle Deal


Bounce coil curl is heavily textured, defined, and tight yet, soft with medium luster and enough volume. You can achieve coiled curly hairstyles and afro-inspired look with low maintenance.


e.                   Bounce Beach Wave Bundle Deal


Bounce beach wave bundle is ideal for achieving a unique wavy pattern with defined and tousled waves. Soft beach wave bundle is an effortless hairpiece to amplify your look.


f.                   Bounce Deep Wave Bundle Deal


Are you looking for naturally curly textured hair with fullness and volume?  With deep waves achieve both; it also enables you to create gorgeous hairstyles.


  • SEA Bundle Deals

Indique’s best SEA Bundle deals


Sourced from temples of India, Indique has lustrous and virgin South East Asian hair for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. SEA bundle is available in three forms; natural texture, virgin texture, and steam processed.


a.                  SEA Sumatra Wave Bundle Deal


The SEA Sumatra wave has unique elongated waves with ample volume, medium luster, and fullness.


b.                  SEA Tahitian Wave Bundle Deal


The SEA Tahitian Wave is produced after three days of steaming to achieve special waves to achieve ample thickness with fuller body and volume. Tousled waves and tapered ends of the SEA Tahitian wave is sure to give you a uniquely gorgeous look.



c.                   SEA Zen Straight Bundle Deal


With the SEA Zen bundle, get a pressed and fresh look with a slight kink, low luster, and tapered ends.


  1. Beauty Forever


Beauty Forever’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals


Shop best deals during Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year. Beauty Forever offers high-quality lace wigs, lace front wigs, and hair weaves. Get the best discount for human hair wigs at Beauty Forever. Here are some high-quality human hair wigs available at Beauty Forever.


  1. Lace Front Wigs


Lace Front Wigs


Lace front wigs with baby hair give a natural look when you wear it. Many customers install lace front wigs to keep in place on their scalp while creating an illusion of real natural hair. You can choose one from various hair textures, wavy, curly, straight lace front wigs.


  1. 360 Lace Wigs


360 Lace Wigs


360-degree lace wigs come pre-sewed with adjustable straps and clips to secure it. Beauty Forever’s 360 lace wigs are a hundred percent virgin hair that is bleached and pre-plucked. It has enough density to style it in different ways.



  • African-American Wigs


African-American Wigs


Brown curly wigs are the perfect match for African-American women. Curly brown wigs made from a hundred percent virgin human hair are versatile and manageable. It’s compatible with heat styling tools, so your hairstyle is not limited.


  1. Additional Lengths

Additional Lengths’ hair extensions at a discounted rate


If you want to get awesome deals for human hair extensions and wigs, check out Additional Lengths’ website. Avail of best deals and huge discounts for 2020’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Hair extensions and wigs are costly during regular days, but on 27th November, Additional Length has cut down the prices for high-quality extensions and wigs.


i.                                Weft Extensions


High-quality weft extensions


You can cut, curl, straighten and style weft extensions just like your natural hair. Additional Lengths weft extensions are installed using the fusion or sew-in method. There are varieties of colored wefts to choose from.



ii.                              Pre-bonded Hair Extensions


Pre-bonded hair extensions


Pre-bonded hair extensions are durable and effortless to add volume and length to your natural hair. Pre-bonded hair extensions include ultra-tips, mini tips, and tapes from the REMI-Cachet brand.


iii.                            Tape Hair Extensions


Tape hair extensions


Tape hair extensions are a perfect semi-permanent option to add instant volume and length. Install tape hair extensions to your flat and fine natural hair for a perfect fit. It blends seamlessly with your natural hair without damage.



iv.                             Clip-in Hair Extensions


Clip-in hair extensions


Clip-in extensions are popular and the most used around the globe. Installation and removal are effortless with clips: clip-ins is DIY extensions and don’t require a professional stylist. The additional Lengths have varieties of length, texture, and color for clip-ins.

Conclusions: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are ideal for you to snatch and grab hair extensions and wigs at a cheaper rate. Many hair companies in the industry offer the best deals during the holiday shopping season. Indique Hair, Beauty Forever and Additional Length offer hot discounts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday; check out their website now!

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