Brass Knuckle Knife – Dual Purpose Lethal Tool

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The brass knuckle knife is regarded as the toughest and the best self defense weapon to be ever made. It is a knife that has a sharp blade on top of the handle, and it has a handle that has pointed knuckles on them, which can be used for punching. 

When combined, both weapons produce a long-lasting effect on the opponent. Initially, the knife was also known as the trench knife as the soldiers in the 189th century used them to dig trenches along with using them for combat. 

Similarly, the knuckles are also known by many cool names like knuckle dusters, knuckle busters, and knucks, and; the other good thing about the weapons is that numerous types of them are being offered today. Find out more about the weapons by reading the section below. 

Brass Knuckle Knife for Sale

The Brass Knuckle Knife for sale come in a variety of types. You get to find fixed blade knives that have blades fixed on top that cannot be removed, replaced, or fold. This thing, in turn, leads to greater productivity while doing tougher things as the blades won’t get damaged no matter how hard you use them.

The next type of weapon that you will discover lies in the collection is the cool knives, which are knives that come with cool designs and engravings on top. You get to see designed blades and even handles. The camo handle and the full-tang knives are some examples of weapons that fall under this category. 

Some of the best self defense knives can be found under the collection of branded weapons. Branded weapons are known for the top quality material used in making them. The brands that are offering the knuckle knives include MTech and many more top brands. They have the best blades and finest handle grips to give you the best experience outdoors. 

Uses of the Knuckle Knife 

The knuckle knife is the best for safety purposes, be it fighting or just self defense; however, there are a few other daily things that you can do with the weapon. 

  • Self Defense

As mentioned earlier, the knuckle knives were created for the purpose of fighting in wars. They also assisted in digging up trenches. You can defend yourself with the knives as they have two weapons in one place, and you can even have them kept at your homes for safety purposes. 

  • Cutting & Hunting

Cutting is a wide use of knives. You can cut things in the kitchen with them, and you can even cut your way through obstacles in the wild with the knives. The fixed blades in this category tend to be excellent hunting tools. The knife-knuckle combo can knock out any animal instantly. 

  • Collection & Gifting

Just like other weapons are collected, you can build a collection around knives and can have this historical knife in it too. You can even gift the weapon to passionate people who love collecting or who love history. 

What is a Trench Knife Used for?

The trench blade was used for digging trenches, and as it had knuckles on the handle, it also proved to be suitable for one on one combat. You can use the weapon in a similar fashion. 

Buy Historical Knives Today

With all that knowledge, you may be heading out to buy the knives which come at low prices. Yes, that is the other best thing about the weapons. Check out the brass knuckle knife available in stores and buy your cheap knives or wholesale knives today.

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