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With the arrival of digitalization, smartphones are one of the most popular devices used by individuals. These smartphones work with the help of customized UI based on Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS. Smartphones have changed the definition of a cell phone as they are getting used for gaming, photography, video streaming, media playback along with calling. Most of the people prefer buying an iPhone for a seamless performance and utmost safety. Yet, these smartphones are still electronic gadgets that can face various technical issues such as battery drain, dead screen, and other performance issues. That is the reason why the mobile repairing business is rapidly growing, especially in Mississauga. Young Entrepreneurs are initiating to develop their career in this business with their creative ideas. However, these devices are assembled with tiny and delicate spare parts that need to be handle carefully. Repairing a smartphone is not as easy as it looks to entrepreneurs. A company needs various resources for successfully running its business in the market. Only a firm that has sufficient resources can repair smartphones with ease.


Human Resources:

Human Resources are one of the essential resources for mobile repair business. The company must have skilled technicians who experience repairing iPhones and android smartphones. Experienced technicians are very dedicated to their work and know-how to handle delicate parts of a smartphone. Especially in the case of iPhone screen replacement as a set of retina displays consist of various components. A skilled technician can use heating tools with utmost concentration while assembling an iPhone screen. Besides quality, you also need a required quantity of employees. A company needs multiple skilled technicians for running its smartphone repair business with ease.

Spare Parts:

A mobile repair business cannot run while depending on other companies for supplying spare parts. The company should have sufficient stock of essential spare parts to provide quick service to the customers. Availing spare parts will facilitate its technicians in repairing smartphones without any latency. If the company choose to rely on other spare part suppliers, then it will face problems such as late delivery, customer harassment, etc. One thing that must be considered by the company, that it should stock original spare parts. The reason is most of the devices only support original spare parts. Duplicacy in spare parts is prone to error in smartphone functionality that can ruin the reputation of a mobile repair business. Thus, a company must stock original spare parts on the premises for repairing smartphones with ease.


Different repair businesses require specific tools and equipment according to their working. A mobile repair business needs all the essential tools for repairing smartphones. Smartphones cannot be repaired using an ordinary toolkit. Various tools such as magnetic screwdrivers, hot air guns, etc. are used to repair smartphones. As discussed earlier, smartphones have very delicate parts that need to be handle carefully. A company should have specific spare parts built for mobile repair for better work efficiency. These tools are ESD safe and reduce the chance of static shock while repairing smartphones. So, a company should avail its technicians with appropriate tools and equipment for ensuring optimum work efficiency.

ESD Protection:

Electro Static Discharge is the current generated by the physical attraction of two electrically charged objects. There are high chances of experiencing an ESD while repairing a smartphone or any other electronic gadget. For preventing the technician and the device from ESD current, a company should provide him with ESD safe work setup. ESD secure work setup includes an ESD safe work desk, wrist band, gloves, tools, etc. ESD protection is necessary for a mobile repair business to repair smartphones with ease. In case a company is carelessly using ordinary work setup, there are high chances of getting electric shock generated by electrostatic discharge. ESD is harmful to human health and can also affect the device duringthe repair process. Thus, ESD protection is a must for a company that wants to succeed in the mobile repair business.


Automation is the most advanced technology used by mobile repair service providers in Mississauga. Process Automation helps them in scheduling repair time for each device to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in the working. Every smartphone is listed with a serial number or a batch number and repaired when its turn arrives. Process Automation is very beneficial in handling multiple batches of smartphones with ease. A smartphone is not only listed with a serial number, though a technician is provided with a defect it has along with essential spare parts. A company must implement process automation in its mobile repair business for repairing mobiles without latency. It might look time consuming and expensive process at the time of implementation. However, it is the best process for establishing coordination and ensuring work efficiency.



Nowadays, almost every person is using a smartphone for accessing digital facilities provided by the companies. They are multitasking gadgets that can be used for gaming, media playback, photography, etc. along with its calling function. Being an electronic device,a smartphone can face various technical issues such as battery drain, screen breakage, and many more. That is the reason why mobile repair businesses are growing at a good pace. I suggested some characteristics of a company that can repair a mobile with ease. A company with skilled technicians can repair a mobile without any latency. Rather than depending on other businesses for spare parts, a company must have stock of original spares with it. A mobile repairing business cannot be run using an ordinary work setup. There should be an ESD safe work setup for reducing the chances of static shock while repairing smartphones. For better work efficiency, companies are also using advanced technologies like process automation. Automation helps in ensuring effectiveness in work without any delay. Therefore, a business having these characteristics can repair mobile with ease. Visit – EsourceParts

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