Buying a SUP Board? Here are 4 Tips for First-Time Shoppers

SUP or stand up paddling is one of the fastest growing sports on the globe and you can easily see why. Paddling is a lot of fun, it’s great for your body, and it doesn’t even require a lot of time and money to try. However, if you never paddled before, you probably don’t even know where to start.

We feel you on this, because buying a proper SUP board is not an easy job. Should you get an inflatable paddle board or a hard one? Where should you look for your board? All of these questions have answers, and today, we are going to help you with your paddle purchase with these four tips.

  1. Make Sure to Get the Right Type

If you want find an ideal board, first you need to know that there are different types of boards for you to choose from. For starters, you have all around SUPs that are great for beginners, but you also have yoga boards, touring, and surf ones. Therefore, before making your pick, you first need to consider what are you going to need the board for. And once you decide that, you can look at your options and pick the right one…

  1. Pay Special Attention to the Size

When choosing a stand up paddle board you have to think about the size. The answer to this particular question is based on your experience, height and weight. You should think about the ideal board size in terms of volume, so the longer, wider, and thicker your SUP is, the more weight capacity it will have. SO if you’re larger in stature, you need a big vessel. On the other hand, if you’re a smaller person, you can get a plastic, short board for starters. Although, most first timers should probably go with a high-volume board since it allows them to have more stability when they are out peddling…

  1. Inflatable SUP vs. Hard SUP

As soon as you figure out the size of the board you want, you need to think whether you want a hard or an inflatable stand up paddle board. And pay special attention here, because there are actually huge differences between these two types. Inflatable are more meant for safer and longer rides, while hard boards are for people who like more adventures rides. Also, hard boards are meant more for people who have enough experience paddling, since they are harder to maneuver and achieve higher speeds. For beginners, inflatable boards are definitely a better option.

  1. Be Careful Where You Buy

There are plenty of online stores that sell paddle boards on the Internet. It’s a very popular sport after all. However, not all stores will live up to your expectations. Some stores have incredibly low prices, but as you know, if it looks too good to be true – it probably is. So make sure that the store you’re looking to buy from has a good reputation and a lot of customers. For instance, Supboard-99 has a great selection of boards and thousands of satisfied customers. If you want to buy a quality product, make sure that you’re only dealing with best companies.

And there you go; by following these tips, you’ll be able to pick a board in no time. Do the research needed, pick out a board that will be perfect for a person of your age and size, and you’ll be able to enjoy your next holiday more than you ever expected.

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