Can you dye hair extensions? We’ll tell you how?

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Human Hair extensions are best to dye for desired color

Hair extensions are best to achieve colorful hair without dying your natural hair. You can dye hair extensions at home like a professional, but it may ruin your investment if it is done in a wrong way. Huma Hair Extensions are the best hair to dye. The Hair Extensions from Diva Divine store are intact with the hair cuticles and are not chemically processed. You can dye the virgin hair extensions to the desired hair color you want to wear with your natural hair.

Apart from human hair extensions, synthetic hair is also available. The artificial hair extensions cannot be dye to achieve the desired color.



Yes, dying human hair extensions is possible!


Human hair extensions are the same as your natural hair. Experimenting with different hair colors, dye, cut, and heat style your human hair extensions to achieve a gorgeous persona. You won’t always get the required color of hair extensions that matches your natural hair.  It is wise to seek a professional advice for better results.

Essential tips to remember when dying clip-in hair extensions:

Try it on the first strand because you cannot dye every hair extensions at once. Identify if the color works or not, by taking a first strand and test on it. Mix the color and apply it to a small area. If the result is good, then only decide to dye it.


Different shades of extensions available for you in Diva Divine store

Best extensions to dye are the virgin hair from Diva Divine. The virgin hair extensions are untouched because their hair is not chemically processed. The store has the hair extensions that can be dyed with less damage. The coloring process is easy because virgin hair can be dyed like your natural hair.

Multiple dying processes for the extensions. If you have black virgin hair extensions and want to dye it blonde, then bleach the required amount of color on your hair. The color may not set on the first try, so you need to dye the extensions multiple times to achieve the blonde color.

Drastic changes on your hair extensions are caused by the chemical products. The human hair extensions have their cuticles intact to retain their natural hair texture. The strong dye that contains chemicals will strip off the cuticles and remove the hair shine and texture. The hair may lose their texture and appear weak.

Diva Divine brings you a variety of Colored Hair Extensions. From clip-in hair extensions to highlights, diva divine has the best hair extensions. You can get different colorful hair in an instant with these hair extensions.



Steps to dye clip in virgin hair extensions

Step 1 Don’t Like the Color? Change It!


Clip-in hair extensions for coloring

The Clip-In Extensions come in different colors, but if you don’t like the color after it arrives at your doorsteps, it will be worrisome. If your extensions are not human hair, then you cannot dye it to your preferred shade. The process is simple and comfortable at home to achieve your desired hair color.

Be cautious because you need to seek professional stylists to help dye your human hair extensions into lighter or highlight at home. Dying your hair extension is tricky because it involves many processes – it can damage your hair and ruin your investment if done it wrong. Make sure to get the human hair extensions from Diva Devine Hair store, instead of synthetic hair extensions.


Step 2 Choose a Color and Gather your Supplies

Gather the required materials, hair color, and a developer. A 10 or 20 volume developer is the best option to use for a perfect dye. Joico Vero K-Pak Hair Color and Joice VERO K-Pak Veroxide Gentle Developer is the best choice because the shades come in varities of color that is long-lasting and vibrant.

After buying the desired hair color and developer, assemble the following materials;

  • Color bowl and brush
  • Plastic gloves
  • Tinfoil
  • Plastic wrap
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Towel


Supplies to dye your extensions

Step 3 Organize Your Workspace and Mix Color

Lay down your hair extensions and assemble the materials on a table. Spread the tin foils, and place the clip-in hair extensions on it. Please take out the color and a developer, put it in the bowl, and mix them properly. To color your extensions, prepare 3 to 5 ounce of color, depending on the length and thickness. Comb your hair and detangle the knots, then lay it on the tin foils.

Set up your place to dye the clip-in hair extensions

Step 4 Apply the Color

Put on the plastic gloves and color the extensions with the brush. Grab at the top where the clips are attached and start coloring it downward; apply enough shade to set it. Lift each strand, and make sure to color it from top to bottom.


Start coloring the extensions with a color brush

Step 5 Process the Color

After you finish coloring the hair extensions, cover them with plastic wrap to prevent the color from drying out faster. Cover and leave it for 30 to 40 minutes to allow the shade to get a hold on the extensions.


Cove the extensions to set the color

After that cover the Best Hair Extensions, take a small part of the hair and rub it with a towel. This helps  to see if the color has set in or not. Be mindful because the colors appear darker when the hair is wet compared to when it is dry. Now the next step is to wash the extensions. Grab the hair extension by folding the tin foil and take it to the sink.

Step 6 Rinse

Prepare lukewarm water to rinse off the colors from the hair. Rub your fingers slowly on the hair to let the dye run out. Please do not stop the water flow, because it is easy to rinse the shade out. You can finish the washing process in just 10-15 minutes. Then take a sulfate-free or moisturizing shampoo to make the hair shiny and clean.


Rinse it thoroughly with lukewarm water

Step 7 Comb and Allow to Dry


Comb with a wide-tooth comb and let it air dry on a towel

Rinsing your hair extensions is not the final step, comb and drying are. Spread a towel on a table and lay the extensions, then apply a leave-in conditioner to every section of the hair and use the wide-tooth comb to brush it. To finish, hang the clip-in extensions on a wire and let it air dry before installing and styling it.



Professional skill is required to dye your hair if you are not sure.  If you are doing it at home, you have to risk it, because sometimes hair color does not turn out very well.  Follow the process mentioned above to DIY hair extensions at home. Save your money that you usually spend going to the hair salon. For additional knowledge do proper research, experiment with hair color if you are a risk taker, and with experience you can definitely achieve the desired shades of your dreams.

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