Canon MP620 Review, Why This Is a Good All in One Printer

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Canon printers are known for their ability to print high quality colors. They are often the preferred machines for printing photos and high quality documents. The Canon MP 620 is no exception; it is mind blowingly powerful when it comes to printing colors. However, this printer is more than just a good photo printer; it is in fact an all in one machine that prints, scans and photocopies.


There are some notable key features that made this Canon all in one machine unique and competitive:

1). A very powerful print engine for regular or photo printing;

2). Strong network features, WIFI or Ethernet;

3). Computer free printing via memory card and Bluetooth;

4). Comprehensive preview and picture enhancing capabilities;

5). Vibrant LCD display making photo previewing and editing enjoyable.


The Printer


The Canon MP620 is a fast printer, not the fastest in the world but a reasonably fast machine that does 23 pages per minute black, 17 pages per minute color, and 4 by 6 borderless photos at just 41 seconds.


Speed is perhaps not MP620’s strength, but it absolutely crashes any contender when it comes to print resolution. Black at a reasonable 600x600dpi but colors reach as high as 9600x2400dpi, definitely one of the highest resolution printers out there, especially coming from an all in one machine, be reset assured on getting quality and vibrant Cannon style photos from this printer.


The Copier


Although most all in one machines are closely related to the machines scanner and printer mechanism, it is normal that the Canon MP 620 follows this trend, however Canon took that extra step by providing some neat features with the Mp 620. Users can tweak and manage their copy with various onboard technologies, such as 4 in 1 printing, borderless, fading correction, masking copy and much more.


The Scanner


To live up to its photo printing standard, the Canon MP 620 has one of the best scanners in the market. Usually we don’t have much to say about scanners on these all in one machines, because they are usually just all 4800dpi and does scanning. The MP 620 however, comes with a max resolution of 2400 x 4800 dpi and an interpolated resolution of 19,200 x 19,200 dpi. Interpolated is equivalent to the enhance technology that HP uses on some of their scanners. With the MP 620 you can auto scan, shadow correction, network scan, and even scan to memory cards!


The Price and Upkeep


The Canon MP620 is not an expensive machine to own or operate, you can find one anywhere from $150 to $200. For an all in one that excels in all of its functions and delivers superb picture quality, that is a very reasonable price for the unit. The Ink cartridges are reasonably priced as well. It uses separate color technology so that you don’t have to replace all the colors at once. The Canon MP 620 uses PGI-220 for blacks and CLI-221 for colors. There are many compatible inks for the canon machines in the market, so you could spend very little to maintain this printer. For the purpose of this Canon MP 620 review we will not get in to the details of compatible inks.


The Good


There are a lot of good things we can say about the Canon MP620. It is just an all around good machine. It is good for day to day use, it prints beautiful pictures, and it is logically designed in every way, that you won’t find awkwardness operating this printer. This Canon machine comes with a certain quality in it, it doesn’t feel cheap, the LCD screen is well placed, the cover is solid, the ink mechanism is good, and most importantly it makes you feel like you own a good printer and not one of those plastic machines you get for free with a rebate deal.


The Bad


We have always considered true all in one machine to have fax, granted people don’t really use fax anymore but it is always good to have one. Unfortunately it is not present in the MP620. Then there is the lack of an automatic document feeder for photocopy. We understand that Canon emphasized more on the print quality of the MP620, but not having a document feeder simply means that you will have a lot of fun scanning more than 10 documents at a time. Matter of fact, have you tried scanning important document that is over 50 pages without a document feeder? We have, at the cost of a few sore arms and a broken one.

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