Car Wrecking: Do’s and Don’ts Every Car Owner Should Know

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A little research and following the right steps before wrecking your car can go a long way.

Car wrecking can be a monetary saviour for some but heart-breaking for many. While the car might be some people’s first car purchase, for others, it might hold a high sentimental value since their parents gifted it.

People get attached to the materialistic things in their life and fail to realise that they will have to part their ways with it one day. If you are going through the same situation, then doing it right should be your priority.

That said, we bring you a list of dos and don’ts that will help you bid farewell to your vehicle in the right way. Read on.

  • Do Research Well

The first step is to do thorough research.

From wrecking equipment to experience and reputation in the industry, do detailed background research on the car wreckers in Gold Coast who you are willing to choose for your vehicle.

Also, look for freebies and the other services that they offer to see if they fit the bill for you or not. Make sure that you are satisfied with the company’s work process and results before choosing them.

  • Don’t Sell It Piece by Piece

Selling the good auto parts of your vehicle isn’t a bad idea. You will be able to make a reasonable amount of money with the working parts.

However, selling one piece at a time will eventually leave you with a complete junk vehicle. And when you visit a wrecking yard to sell it, you won’t fetch a reasonable price for it.

  • Do Clean the Vehicle

This is an integral part of the car wrecking process that many people treat as avoidable. However, it should be the opposite of it.

Make sure that you thoroughly clean your car before the car wreckers come to collect it. Remove all your belongings and hire experts for thorough cleaning if you don’t want to do it yourself.

  • Don’t Hide Anything

Exaggerating or hiding things about the condition of your car is never a good idea.

The car wreckers in Gold Coast will eventually figure out the vehicle’s real condition, which would lead to a lower price settlement. The deal could be cancelled as well, so be honest.

  • Do Get Your Cod

The COD, i.e., the certificate of destruction, is an essential document every car seller should receive from the wrecking yard. This document proves your vehicle has been wrecked, which could save you from trouble in the future.

The certificate should be delivered to you within seven working days, so ensure that you get it timely.

With these tips in mind, you will be able to sell your vehicle to the right company and make money. Bookmark this article to bid a proper goodbye to your car.

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