What Energy Emanates From Your Business?

I have spent a lot of time on social media over the past few years and am often amazed at how many people ask for advice from the masses on the most fundamental aspects of their business. The problem with asking for

Don’t Forget to Play

I think that playing games, rather than being a waste of time, can actually teach us valuable lessons in running our business. Business is a serious affair – yes? So many things to think about – sales, marketing, revenue, employees, taxes, legal

Are We Reactive or Proactive?

I am a great fan of thrillers and murder mysteries – just love the ‘whodunits’ when invariably the good guys win in the end. It doesn’t seem to matter how beaten up they get, good always prevails. It suddenly struck me that

There Is No Substitute for Experience

So many clients attend trade shows and fairs, exhibitions, expos and other events these days because this is the best way of marketing their company, their products and services. It is of little use to attend these events if you don’t have

Stay True to Your Own Path

Since my business launched I have been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of people and businesses that are in the market place. It is easy for time to fly by whilst checking out what is available and what they have to offer.

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