Why Online Shopping Is A Way Better Than Offline? Read This

Image source: boutique161.com   Shopping online definitely has its own perks or else it wouldn’t have been such a BIG thing today. From earlier being restricted to just books and clothes, to now being expanded to electronics and groceries, online shopping is

Give Your Feet A Change With Straight Lace Shoes!

Image source:protips.dickssportinggoods.com As you walk down the lane, as kids owning a pair of shoes only meant those black and white pairs we wore to school. Cut to ten-fifteen years, today as working professionals or young college students, we all have a

Changing Dynamics of the Fashion Industry in East and West

Image source:https://www.mercuriusit.com Fashion is more than just aesthetics and a mode of self-expression, it is a multibillion-dollar industry devoted to making and selling clothes. It is mainly divided into two parts, high fashion (designer clothing) and the apparel industry (mass-produced clothes). The

The Rise of Online Shopping

Image source: https://www.evokad.com   Online shopping is becoming the most used alternative by a high percentage of the population, and that is why people are increasingly getting more advice about the acquisition of all kinds of products for the home, resorting to

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