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If you have been a regular customer of Instagram for many years, then you should know about the Instagram story. It is the updated and most famous feature on Instagram. On Instagram, you can post a picture or video of a maximum of 15 seconds for 24 hours. This is how you can let your followers know about your routine without posting on the Feeds. If you are using the Instagram story regularly then you should have a question in your mind that can you check who has viewed your story? Yes, you can check who has viewed your story. Let’s take a look at how you can see who is viewing your Instagram story.

See Who Has View Your Instagram Story

When Instagram story launched we need to use the third party app for checking the people who have viewed the story, but now luckily Instagram has launched the feature for checking the people who have viewed the Instagram story and you don’t need to use any third party app. For seeing the viewers just follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First of all click on your profile, and then click on your profile picture. Your Instagram stories will be open.
  • Once your story will open, you will see the number of views on the left bottom of the screen. Just click on that option.
  • After clicking the new screen will open, on which you can see the name of the people with the profile pictures who have viewed your Instagram story.

As you can see the process is very simple, if you are on the business account then you can see some additional information.

Who Can View You Instagram Story

In Instagram stories, you can find different levels of privacy. You can allow access to the people on the basis of different privacy settings. If your profile is private then only your followers will be able to view your Instagram story, on the other hand, if your profile is public then anyone can view your Instagram story, but in public account, you can also set the privacy on your Instagram.

If you are running a brand on Instagram then you should set your privacy to the public so you can gain maximum Instagram Story Views. We recommend you to use the business account for the business purpose because on a business account you can view more statistics, these can help in improving the performance of the profile.

Can You See How Many Times the User Has Viewed Your Instagram Story?

Lots of people on Instagram want to know how many times the user has viewed the Instagram story. Unfortunately, there is no way and method to check how many times the user has seen your story regardless of the user has told you how much time he or she has viewed your story.

Many times this question has been raised on the developers of Instagram, because people want to know this valuable figure. But till yet there is an update from the Instagram side on this matter, maybe they will launch this feature in future.

How Does Instagram Rank Instagram Story Viewers

You know very well that the algorithm of Instagram is highly confidential, and no one can tell exactly how Instagram is ranking the Instagram story viewers. It is just done by the experience. With the help of the experts we can just guess the ranking process, but Instagram always updates its algorithm within a few times.

The Instagram business account users can get more details in the Instagram story. They can view the impressions count, count of the actions has taken on the story and many other statistics. But still they can’t get any specific information regarding the ranking process. The only thing we can say is the ranking of the Instagram story can be increased if your Instagram story is interacting with maximum viewers.


We hope you will get all the information for the sake you have read this content. Let’s take a short summary of the entire article. If you are using the personal Instagram account then you can see only the number of viewers and the name of the viewer along the profile picture. However, on the business account you can get some extra information as a statistic that can help you in increasing the views on the story. On the private account, only your followers can see your Instagram story, on the other hand on public account anyone can view the story.

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