Choosing the Right SUP Board

SUP boarding definitely offers something for everyone of us out there – one can always go for a nice and calming paddle session out on a lake or can go and catch some waves out in the ocean. If you’re interested in the boarding of any kind, stand up boarding is perfect for beginners.

However, picking the right board is always a problem for first-time users. You don’t know should you pick an inflatable paddle board or a solid one. But you’ve found the right starting point: in this article, we are going to help you find the right board, and see what you need to pay special attention to.

Now let’s go dive right in, shall we…

Hull Type of the Board

The first thing you need to look out for when buying a stand uppaddle board is the hull type: it plays a huge role in how the board will perform in the water. Now, most boards have either a displacement or a planning hull. There are some hybrid designs that combine the best of both worlds, however, these boards are quite expensive.

Solid and Inflatable Boards

Next, you need to pick whether you want a solid or an inflatable SUP. Most solid models are made out of fiberglass with a foam core. They are lightweight and are perfect if you want a high-performance model. On the other hand, inflatable boards are much better for calm rides, during which you can relax your mind and body…

Volume and Weight Capacity

Possibly the most important factor when buying a SUP is its capacity. Simply put, the board must work for your size if you want to actually take it out on the water. If you fail to find a proper board, your body won’t be supported sufficiently and you’ll feel unstable during the entire ride. The volume of a board is always expressed in liters, and affects your ability to float, while weight capacity, which is listed in pounds and mostly affects your stability.

Width, Length, and Thickness

Even if you plan on taking nothing but easy trips on your inflatable stand up paddle board, you still have to pay special attention to its dimensions. The dimensions play a role in determining how it rides on the water. When looking at the dimensions, you need to consider whether you want to take trips with nothing but your swimsuit on, or if you want to have long trips, with food and beverages

Other Factors to Consider

If reading this article attracted you to SUP boarding, you will definitely need to get a board of your own. So grab a few minutes, go over to Supboard-99and have a peek at some of the boards they have to offer – we doubt you’ll take longer to find a perfect model for yourself.

With that being said, you should also know that there are some things that you need to pick up even after you buy a paddle board, some of which include:

  • The actual paddle: The paddle you pick needs to be the correct length for your board. It needs to reach up to the boarder’s wrist when he or she stands the paddle up in front of them and raises their arms above their head.
  • Personal flotation device: According to the Coast Guard, a stand up board is a vessel, therefore, you need to have a PFD or a personal flotation device with you when you go out to the sea.
  • Proper clothing: If you want to paddle during a cold day, you need to wear a wetsuit and even in mild weather conditions, you still need a bathing suit that can get wet and be dried up quickly.


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