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Botox injections are widely used today, both as an anesthetic and in cosmetic surgery as well; it was officially vetted by the FDA and since then, Botox injections have become an established feature of this industry. With more and more women using Botox injections to take care of their wrinkles and fine lines, it is time that you took a closer look at some of the current and prevailing misconceptions regarding the same.


It freezes your face and leaves you without expression: Nothing could be further from the truth; while it is true that Botox relaxes your facial muscles, this enables you to smooth those wrinkles and lines. But it certainly does not freeze up your face nor does it leave you expressionless. This happens only when excess Botox is injected into the skin. This is why, it is vital that you seek out an experienced practitioner who can apply the right amount of Botox, and one that does not result in any frozen face.
It is mainly used as a beauty aid: That could not be further from the truth; Botox was given the go ahead by FDA and approved for medical use in 2002. It was mainly approved on account of its anesthetic effects and the fact that it could be used to treat eye flickering as well as painful spasms. And the effect on wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes was not noticed until a few years later, and it was only after that, that Botox became to be widely used in cosmetic surgery. For example, if you were to search online for lip fillers in London, you should come across quite a few cosmetic surgical clinics offering Botox treatments.

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It is toxic: You may want to do some additional research but Botox happens to be the purified version of Botulinum toxin, and happens to be completely non toxic. It is injected directly into the muscles and furthermore, it is not absorbed by the blood stream and transported to different parts of your body. Rather the target muscle completely absorbs the Botox, and in the process, it helps you to relax completely.
It is addictive: This is one of the silliest myths being propagated about Botox. Botox is not addictive in any form nor does stopping these injections cause your lines or wrinkles to get any worse. It should be pointed out that a Botox injection is only effective for a period of 4 months after which the substance is recycled by your body. So, after 4 months, your wrinkles and lines may return but you can always opt for another Botox injection and smooth them out.
It is painful: If you think about it, you would soon realize that Botox injections cannot be painful because they happen to be an anesthetic. Anyway, one additional complaint is that these injections can often cause bruises and injuries on the face. That is why you need to head to the right person to get your Botox injection done.
Botox is meant for only one demographic: Sorry but it works the same for everyone irrespective of their race or skin color or where they may be originally from. These injections work the same and they happen to be quite effective when it comes to removing those wrinkles and lines from your face.
These are some of the common misconceptions regarding Botox and as you can see, all of these happen to be wrong 100%. You may want to do some online research to reassure yourself and you will soon find that these misconceptions continue to exist. As long as there are those who cannot use their grey cells and prefer to propagate the myth, there would always be those who prefer to think the worst about Botox. The good thing about Botox injections is that it comes with an affordable price tag and almost all women should be able to afford the same with ease.


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