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Communicate with Business Audiences around the world

Communicate with Business Audiences around the world

These days most businesses need to push far beyond their local reach in order to gain long-standing success and growth. Appealing to business audiences worldwide has many advantages, but communicating to those audiences isn’t always as straightforward as it may seem. The challenges of global communication can be plentiful; let’s take a look at a few of them:

Language Barriers

With globalization you have access to an entire planet of incredible employee talent, creators, clients, customers, and more. However, one of the main barriers to communicating with those people is language. Google translate (or similar) will definitely not do the trick when it comes to translating accurately for videos, meetings, and other communications. Instead, you’ll need to use a professional audio translation or video translation company. They can not only help provide various language solutions for you, but they can ensure the translation is localized, so you’re never hitting off the mark with your communications.

Time Zones & Geographical Distance

Communicating with business audiences in different locations and time zones makes it really challenging to maintain consistency. Each meeting, social content schedule, conference, and phone call has to be planned to a localized schedule.


There are many different laws in different countries around the way you can operate as a business. Copyright, trademarking, and even certain words can be banned in certain countries and even different areas of individual countries. Being acutely aware of these laws in the area you are targeting with your communications is really important if you want to avoid instant penalization and serious repercussions.


Culture differs across the world. So, even if you do utilize a professional voice-over agency, audio translation, or subtitle service for your videos, the cultural tone could be wrong. In addition, it is so easy to accidentally get something culturally wrong when you are trying to broker a business deal or communicate with a new business you want to work with.

These are just some of the challenges that you can face when trying to communicate with business audiences worldwide. Heavily researching a new target area and second-guessing each step you want to take is key to avoiding challenges like the above, preventing your progression with globalization, and actively damaging your brand by making the wrong moves. Businesses looking into globalization should consider:

  • Adapt some of your current videos to different areas with audio translation and subtitle services
  • Create different localized versions of your website
  • Use the professional voice of companies and subtitle services to avoid potential cultural mistakes.
  • Utilize applications like Zoom and Skype for meeting scheduling and virtual communications – Zoom, in particular, could provide room for translators
  • Utilize apps like Trello for project management, as well as Google Drive and Dropbox for effective documents sharing
  • Have teams on the ground in areas you wish to expand to – this will ensure that you’re getting your communication right and following the right strategy to grow in this new space effectively

Communicating with business audiences around the world is never a straightforward journey, and it differs with each and every company. By utilizing the right apps, services, insightful professional perspectives, and approaches, you can globalize your business successfully.

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