Comparing Sim Only Contracts

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Comparing sim only contracts

Advancements in technology, and especially in communication have made it easier to keep in touch with our loved ones, do business, get information right in our finger tips, and shop, among many other things. Various people will have different needs on how they use their devices. This article looks at the various sim only plans available, their differences, and how to choose one that fits you best.

What is a sim only plan?

In this contact type, you will be in control of the sim you are using. This means that you are only required to purchase a mobile device and a choose your preferred SIM card. Here are some of the popular contract types available.

a) Post-paid plans

This plan works more like an agreement between the user and service provider. In this plan, you choose a plan that works for you, and the service provider will be billing you once your billing cycle ends. Most of these post-post plans are usually highly attractive since they may include competitive unlimited data, talk, and text options from various service providers. Some of these plans will allow you to continue using their services at an extra free, if you have used up all your credit or data. Most of these plans will also require customers to commit to a contract, which usually runs anywhere between 12 to 24 months.

  1. b) Pre-paid plans

As its name suggests, you will be recharging your account upfront before using it. You will usually be presented with various subscription options when you are charging, which means you can easily switch to other options once you have exhausted your pre-paid plans. Most of these plans usually have an expiry period, with the majority of them offering a 30-day period before the plan expires. A major advantage of this plan is that you can test out various options, and see which one works for you, instead of committing to a long term contract that may not be convenient for your needs.

  1. c) Pay as You Go (PAYG)

With this plan, you only pay for what you use. This means you are not bound to any contract, and thus you can change subscriptions any time you want. A major advantage of this plan is that you can use it to gauge your data, talk and text use, before committing to a plan. However, one downside to this plan is that when you run out of credit, you will be inconvenienced if you do not have funds to recharge your account.

Comparison sites, like Overstappen, make it easy to make the right choice. Comparison sites compare all possible contract types, costs and preferences and make it easy to read. You just give them your preferences and you can get started!

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