Consider These Things Before Buying The First Surfboard!



What can be better than experimenting with all sorts of water sports this summer? This is the time to embrace your adventurous self, and indulge into all the heart racing water activities. Spending the entire summer inside the home and watching movies is a total waste of time. When you can go out in the sun and enjoy the splashing waves, why ruin it by staying indoors! There are a huge variety of water sports activities that you can try out before deciding which one attracts you the most.

From kayaking to surfing, all these water sports not only make you feel that edge-of-the-seat excitement, but also allow you to enjoy the cool splashing water of the sea. Along with making your life adventurous, these water sports rejuvenate your spirit. For all of these water activities, you will need various kinds of accessories and these accessories will be easily available in a Braunton surf shop. The Board Barn in Braunton is a shop that provides you with a wide range of surfboards and other accessories to enjoy the water activities to the fullest.

Various Things To Consider Before Buying A Surfboard

Along with all the proper water sport accessories, you will also need proper clothing in order to carry out those activities without any hurdles. Deus Ex Machina in UK will provide you with comfortable clothing that will heighten the overall surfing experience in the vast blue sea. Apart from this, if you are new at surfing, then choosing the very first surfboard can be quite a challenge. There are a wide range of surfboards available in the market, and you need to get hold of the right one, or else your entire experience would be a disaster. Here are a few tips :

Buy A longboard

If you are an adult trying your luck at surfing for the very first time, then longboard is the one you should go for. However, many shops would recommend you a mini mal as a beginner but it would ruin the entire fun. As a full grown adult, if you want to catch more waves and have a proper surfing experience, then you should always go for the 9 feet longboard. The 7 feet 5 inch mini mal won’t make surfing half as exciting as the longboards.

Ditch shortboard

The shortboard might be easy to carry under your one arm and also might look cool, but you should always remember that the entire purpose of surfing is not to look cool, but to feel cool. Shortboards can be a real trouble, and if you don’t know all the details behind the technicality, then you might not even be able to pinpoint what is ruining your experience. The culprit is definitely your short board! To put all the struggles at bay, and to just purely enjoy the surfing, get a longboard!

Right Material

The surfboards are made out of variety of materials, so if you are new at this, choosing a single board can be really confusing. If you are an amateur, then boards made out of epoxy or foam is the ideal one for you, as handling those big fibreglass boards can be quite a deal for you. The moulded boards are made in factories, while the custom boards are especially handmade by a shaper according to the needs of the owner. Often, moulded boards are good for you if you are just starting off, then you can move on to more elite varieties.

Apart from these basics, you should always lookout for cracks and dings and also pick it up in person in order to see how comfortable you are with it. Choosing the right surfboard is the most crucial step where you cannot afford to go wrong.

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