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We’ve all heard the phrase “first impression is the last one” especially when it comes to selling

An idea or a product. A sell sheet plays a very important role when it comes to increasing sales

because it is regarded as that one first impression that will determine whether a prospect will buy

The product or not. This is why it is extremely essential to ensure that a sell sheet is captivating,

Persuasive, precise and eye catching.

What is a sell sheet?


A sell sheet is a one-page document that tries to sell a product in limited words and by being on

Point. When one wants to design a sell sheet, the first question that comes to mind is what kind

Of sell sheet is a perfect one with as less errors as possible. There isn’t one or short answer to this

Question as there are several elements of an efficient sell sheet.



 A catchy title that grabs attention immediately:

It is always emphasized that a sell sheet must have a catchy title which is what usually persuades

a reader to go ahead because in today’s fast world people do not have enough time to read boring

Content and wait to get to the exciting part and the attention span has also decreased as the world

Moves forward. A catchy heading will grab the reader’s attention immediately and will ensure

That most of the people who come across the sell sheet will read the rest of the product sell sheet


 Talking precise and to the point:

The concept of an elevator pitch is fascinating and it takes a lot of research, hard work and

Ability to convince to be able to perfect that pitch. Now imagine a sell sheet reader is your

Elevator speech. It is definitely not impossible to perfect it as much as possible however it does

Require the willingness to put in effort and be patient because when it comes to creating a

Fantastic sell sheet one works on many ideas, out of which the best one is chosen. The main key

to create content for the sell sheet is being precise and to the point because anything off the topic

Will distract the reader which will most likely result in people losing interest and eventually not

Going through the remaining of the sheet. This is one of the reasons preciseness should be given

A lot of importance when creating a sell sheet.

Mentioning specifications of the product:


The most important thing in a sell sheet is talking about the product. People want to know what’s

Special about your product, what is something that you provide that others in the market don’t?

Which is what will convince the potential buyers to decide whether they’d like to invest in?

Whatever it is that you’re selling. It can begin with the name of your merchandise, what it does,

Its special qualities and many other things. It should be kept in mind that buyers do not a buy a

Product however they buy their benefits so the more emphasis on what great things an item can

Do, the more likely people will show interest in buying it. A sell sheet is that one thing on which

Many sales are dependent on as people who go through the sell sheet will often base their buying

Decision according to the information provided in the sheet.

 Focusing on the designing of sell sheet:

A sell sheet does not only have to have precise and accurate information. It should also include

Designing, colors, pictures racketeer because at first sight that is what catches the eye. A

Beautifully designed sell sheet with pictures of the product will more likely be read because

People don’t just get information regarding the item that one is selling but also see it as it is there

In a photo right in front of them. This increases the chance of convincing a buyer to buy ones

Merchandise. Designing also helps organize things in one sell sheet as one goes step by step and

Ponders over what information comes first and what should be added at last.

 Add detailing to create an impactful sell sheet:

So many times we have all been told that small details matter a lot sometimes. Little things we

Dismiss can end up causing a major impact on something. Detailing is one significant element

When it comes to create an impactful sell sheet. Let’s discuss it in more detail, studies have found

That the color red is used by many fast food chains across the world. The colors yellow and

Orange stimulate hunger which consequently lead to individuals buying food from these chains

When they look at the logo. Another example of detailing is identifying your customer base and

Creating a sell sheet keeping them in mind. This makes it easier and efficient to decide what

Details on can add to a sell sheet that would make a difference.

 Adding contact information or more details:

The fact that a sell sheet is a one page document that makes it difficult to add all the important

Information in one place without crowding that one page which will ultimately lead to people not

Wanting to go through that certain sell sheet. This is why it is important to pick and choose the

Primary information that will go to the sell sheet and the rest of it which will be delivered later

When a potential buyer contact for more information. Putting in contact information is also a key

Element to ensure one creates an acceptable sell sheet. What this does is let customers know that

Once they have gone through the sell sheet the next step is to either contact the said brand or

Follow any instructions provided in the sell sheet which will lead the prospects to further details

Or a query page where they can ask questions about the item.

Just as there are dos and donuts of everything else, there are certain things one should avoid when

Designing or creating a sell sheet. If these things are kept in mind, there is a high chance a person

is able create an efficient sell sheet.




 overcrowding the sell sheet with unnecessary information:

It is easy to get carried away when one has too much information and they have to choose which

One should be put in there in a sell sheet and which should be held back and presented upon

Further inquiry. When planning what to put in a sell sheet, one should imagine themselves as a

Reader of that sell sheet and ask them, is that information extremely necessary to put in

Here? Will holding back this information and providing it later will result in a customer losing

Interest in a certain product? Is this information essential to describing the merchandise that is

Being sold? These and more questions important to a particular product will determine what is

Good enough to go on the sell sheet. Brainstorming can really help clear many things up as you

Either write your ideas or say it out loud to yourself to make more sense of it. Looking at the sell

Sheet from another perspective i.e. customers as described above can also answer many questions

Which then leads to an individual being able to decide whether certain information is good?

Enough to go on the sell sheet or not.

 Overdoing text or pictures:

Anything not done within the limits has side effects just like a sell sheet would look boring or too

Flashy due to certain actions. It is always suggested to keep a balance of text and pictures in a sell

Sheet. What this does is save it from either looking too bland or less informative. If there is too

Much text it can make a sell sheet uninteresting as people like pictures especially of products to

Get a better idea of what the item looks like which is why text as well as pictures, although not

Too many, should be part of the sell sheet. Just as too much text can make a sell sheet dull, too

Many pictures will lead to leaving out important information which can confuse the reader as

There won’t be enough details to know about a certain brand and what they’re selling. This is

Why too many pictures can also be a bad idea when it comes to adding them to the sell sheet.

 adding bad photos to your sell sheet:

Let’s be honest! No one likes to look at bad photos and they are least expected on a document

Like sell sheet which is supposed to represent a product. Picking the right photographs will add a

Lot of value to the sell sheet as beautiful pictures will always catch a person’s eye. It is not

Necessary to pay thousands and hire a photographer with a whole team to ensure the pictures

Come out good. The world has progressed a lot and an individual can now take great photographs

Even through smart phones. The basic things to learn and then ensure is that the product has a

Nice background, good lighting and whichever camera is being used, it has good pixels and does

Not affect the quality of the image. Once you have a couple of good shots, one or two if there is

Enough space can be chosen to put on the sell sheet. Remember! No overcrowding the pictures of


 not being clear enough:


As discussed above it is essential to ensure that all the right information is put in the sell sheet

And due to shortage of space, whatever details are in there should be to the point and precise.

However many people often make the mistake of not being clear enough either about the product

Itself or regarding contact information, further details or what the reader’s next step should be. It

Is very important to make sure that the sell sheet clearly points out what the person reading

Should do next. This gives them ease as they are aware of how they have to go about after

Reading the sell sheet.

 putting monotonous or boring content:

How many times have you stopped midway reading something? This happens to a lot of people

Due to the fact that the content they’re reading is boring. A boring content can take away many

Selling opportunities as the potential customer would not want to read after a few lines if it has

Gotten interesting yet. This is why it is emphasized that although it should be short and precise

However it must leave the reader thinking about the product which will eventually lead them to

Buy it. This can be done primarily by identifying your target audience, whoever would buy your

Product and whoever can afford it too and then making content as per their requirements. This is

a great way to ensure that as many people as possible go for your product.


There is no one way to create a fantastic sell sheet which will ensure sales for business however

Following the above dos and donuts can really make a difference. A catchy headline and sell

Sheet with good pictures will immediately grab a potential customer’s attention which would

Mean that they would want to give the sell sheet a read. Interesting, short, precise and to the

Point content will make sure that the reader goes on and reads till the end and by the time them

Are done they are if not fully but mostly convinced to buy that product. This will also create the

Opportunity of a customer contacting the business to enquire more about the product which is

Where more information can be provided to them and another opportunity to convince them if

They’re not yet. Lastly providing a guide about what the reader should do once they are done

Reading the sell sheet will help them encourage further contact and wanting to know more about

The product. If a customer moves ahead and either contacts or watch videos given on the sell

Sheet it means that the customer was intrigued enough to want to know more and therefore the

Sell sheet was a success and able to persuade someone to buy a product from the brand. That sells

Sheet can be regarded as a perfect one.

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