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Natural Treatments

A number of diabetes home remedies have grown in prominence over the years. Unfortunately, because of the modern, unhealthy lifestyle (poor eating habits to lack of physical activity) most of us are living the number of people getting diagnosed with diabetes is constantly increasing. A growing number of people are getting afflicted with this disease because of an abundance of sugar in the food we eat. Moreover, excess sugar and carbohydrates are not converted to energy because most people do not exercise.

But with the increase of diabetics over the years, fortunately, the options for treatments and remedies have widened as well. Diabetes home remedies for high sugar have become the treatment of choice for patients who want to take advantage of alternatives that are safer for the body and more reasonably priced to the budget. With the practicality and affordability of these home cures, it should come as no surprise that more and more people have jumped on to the bandwagon and got this disease under control through natural means.

Home Remedies

For this condition normally include methods to lower or control the blood sugar levels. One such method is by taking mango or blueberry leaves. You may soak them in water overnight and drink the solution. You may also powder the dried leaves and mix one teaspoon of the powdered leaves in 1 glass of water and drink. Patients who may want to try a more exotic method could try a mixture of turmeric, fenugreek and amalaki. With honey, this mixture could be very tangy and can be taken three times per day. After two months, a patient should be able to notice his or her blood sugar levels stabilizing.

Herbs for diabetes type 2 home remedies can be found all over in nature. There are several foods and herbs believed to have anti diabetic properties. There are also things you can do at home that can be considered home remedies to diabetes. There are also some products out there on the internet and elsewhere that claim to be diabetes home remedies. In this article I am going to focus on the four best free (or at least cheap) home remedies for diabetes.

Sugar of Diabetics

Hot baths and showers have been known for many years to lower the blood sugar of diabetics. I can tell you from personal experience that I have actually seen my blood sugar numbers drop as much as 15 points after a long hot shower. I think this may be because the heat hitting the body and the blood vessels near the skin actually burn up the glucose sitting in the blood stream. There may be a more scientific explanation, but all I need to know is that this diabetes home remedy works like a charm.

Exercise will lower your blood sugar as well. This is a little trickier because in some people it can raise it a little in the short term, but hours later it can go down significantly. This is not always the case with every person. For example I have seen my blood sugar go from 135 before walking my dog and go to 94 as soon as I get home. I walk about a mile at a fairly brisk pace. We are all different, but exercise works for everyone, just differently.

Cinnamon is probably the most common diabetes home remedy out there and costs less than a cup of coffee. I personally use cinnamon every day in my cereal at least 2 tablespoons (with a tiny bit of stevia, too.) I have heard that cinnamon can lower your a1c as much as a quarter percentage point by itself. I don’t know if it is true, but I definitely see the difference in my numbers when I don’t have my cinnamon.

Breathing and meditation are very effective at lowering your numbers. Try it sometime if you don’t believe me. Just find a quiet spot, stretch, test your blood, and relax. Not vegging out on the couch, because we all know that does not lower anything except your motivation. Actually breathe deeply and picture your numbers going down in your mind to where you want them to be. Try this for about 20 minutes or so without getting distracted. I have dropped ten points (no medication) just by this technique. After your session, test again and see where you are. This costs nothing and is good for your mental health as well.

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